Generate, supplement and change surface models

Tebis add-ons from the design category are tailored to very special tasks in the industrial design process chain as well as in die, mold and model manufacturing. They are used to generate, supplement and modify free-form surfaces and lay the foundation for high-quality manufacturing results. You can easily expand your industry and special packages as needed.



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You can use this add-on to complete the design functions for free-form surfaces in your industry and special packages. For example, you can design profile, displacement and tangential surfaces, efficiently complete the typical intermediate design tasks for connection and add-on surfaces on an already existing surface model. Functions for generating closing surfaces as well as for designing die surfaces are also integrated. This add-on is also recommended for NC preparation.


  • Easily continue processing of any CAD model
  • Perform typical tasks with just a few mouse clicks
  • Optimal preparation of NC programming
  • Save time and money


  • Reduce radii and overbends and design in developed surfaces in die surface design
  • Design in NC manufacturing aspects (e.g. protect edges by extending surfaces)
  • Design demolding angles
  • Blend corners
  • Extend component edges


  • Designing free-form surfaces
  • Die surface design
  • Design preparation for milling

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