Manufacturing Preparation

Preparation is half the battle

The add-ons from the manufacturing preparation category are specifically intended for optimal preparation of the CAD model for all subsequent NC processes in die, mold and model manufacturing. Faster, more reliable and more cost-effective processing. Depending on the requirement, these add-ons can be combined with add-ons from other categories such as NC Automation.

Manufacturing Preparation


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You can use the Lathe Contour Preparation add-on to quickly and easily create parametric profile contours for turning. The entire sketch will be updated with any changes. Imported geometry elements are also automatically parameterized and dimensioned. 


  • Easy operation with intuitive sketching technology
  • Fast updating for changes to parts
  • Turning tolerances can be integrated in parameters
  • High degree of process reliability thanks to parametric dependency in the Job Manager
  • Time savings, as any input data can be easily derived
  • Easy compensation of 3D data with rounded measurements


  • Generate parametric sketches on two-dimensional grid
  • Generate 3D points, axis systems, planes, layer geometry and geometry container
  • All parameters are saved


  • For generating parametric 2D sketches for turning

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