Quality Assurance

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Quality assurance is an important part of every manufacturing chain. That's why the end-to-end Tebis solution integrates the testing of any parts or electrodes directly into the manufacturing process. Whether you want to measure your parts on milling or measuring machines with NC control or by hand – Tebis provides all the necessary functions. Manufacture quality. Right from the start.

Quality Assurance


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You can use these functions to create measurement tools with which to determine the offset and quality of finished electrodes. The measurement tools can be simulated, ensuring that collisions are ruled out during measurement. Electrodes can then be checked on a measuring machine or on a milling machine with measurement probes (Electrode Measure - NC-controlled).


  • Complete solution for the electrode process
  • Use electrode information for quality checking
  • Easy to use with standardized Tebis operating scheme
  • Generate measuring tools extremely quickly
  • Measure electrodes with no collisions


  • Generate measuring tools with templates
  • Simulate measuring tools and check for collisions
  • Automatically generate measuring points on scanning frame
  • Account for arc gap


  • Generate measuring toolpaths for quality checking of electrode burn surfaces
  • Generate measuring toolpaths for determining electrode offset

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