Serial and network connection of NC controls

The DNC special package is used to supply NC programs to one or more milling machines (maximum 4 channels). Controls in particular that have only one serial interface are precisely integrated in the data network with DNC. DNC enables you to separate NC processing from NC programs in time, location and organization. Mechanical manufacturing personnel decide when which NC programs are to be processed and on which machines, independently from NC programming. They retrieve the NC programs from the server and transfer these to the connected NC controls in the required format.



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What you get with the Tebis DNC special package:

  • Integration of machines with serial interfaces in manufacturing networks
  • Check and edit tool properties like tool number, speed, feed rates, coolant and spindle rotation
  • Manage NC files on the control with Heidenhain communications protocol
  • Zero-point displacement and switching of the working plane
  • Integrated NC editor for searching and replacing as well as direct input
  • Placement of restart points, e.g. continuation with a sister tool after tool breakage
  • Report for technological and organizational data of the NC programs and tools
  • Combination of multiple NC files in a single NC program
  • Repeated use of NC files in various setup orientations

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