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    充分利用Tebis 4.1 R4中集成验证的优势:通过有针对性的运算过程来确保工作站性能运行更佳,并使您的工作站拥有充足空间。

    Make better use of your calculation times by preparing multiple toolpaths while calculating in the background.

    Calculate any processes offscreen. Examples:

    → Material removal simulation 
    • Verification of toolpaths before NC output
    • Precise simulation before setup
    • Across all machining types and with all resources
    • Complete collision checking
    → Calculate connected NCJobs
    • Simultaneously start calculating multiple NCJobs
    • Ability to run in the background including automatic area and parameter transfers
    显著节约时间: 支持CAM多程序同时运行和运行屏幕外的完整碰撞检测。 同时运算确保更高性能。


    Tebis now provides much more precise monitoring of virtual component manufacturing with the new material removal simulation. The software continuously checks for collisions in each machining step – against the stock model, not just the finished part. This is an important basic prerequisite for safe and efficient manufacturing

    However, a simulation process like this can sometimes require significant computing resources. With the simultaneous calculation process, you can move collision checking offscreen while simultaneously generating the next CAM program. This license is therefore a key performance module that you can use to parallelize your work processes and save a huge amount of time. 

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