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      Reliable manufacturing with digital twins

      Digital twins as a virtual image of the actually existing manufacturing equipment and processes are the basis for correct and collision-free NC manufacturing.

      Webinar recording (German)

      Networked production − Hype or necessity?

      Learn from Reiner Schmid, head of product management at Tebis AG, the advantages and benefits digitalization and networking have for manufacturing.

      Webinar recording (German)

      Tebis CAD: The dawn of a new era

      Tebis product manager Frank Hemmerling will demonstrate how you can use our new design functions to quickly and easily prepare your parts for NC programming. 

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      Tebis Version 4.0 Release 7

      With its new Version 4.0 Release 7, Tebis has further expanded its offering of powerful functions for 5-axis simultaneous milling. Furthermore, the latest release has a few more new features. It provides improved ease of use overall – and numerous optimizations ensure that surface quality is better than before. 

      Webinar recording (german)

      Automated multi-axis deburring

      The correct CAD/CAM solution can save time when deburring parts In our free webinar, we will show you how to quickly and easily deburr your parts automatically using tapered or ball cutters. 

      Webinar recording (German)

      Make the best possible use of high-performance machines for combined turning and milling

      In this free webinar by Tebis product manager Adrian Sussani, you can learn how to best use your machines for combined turning and milling with the right CAD/CAM process, laying the groundwork for fast and reliable manufacturing.

      Webinar recording (German)


      Effectively automate 2.5D machining

      2.5D machining can quickly become a money pit – many different machining operations, many required tools and resulting tool changes. This can be offset with effective NC automation that ensures a fast and reliable route from the CAD data to the finished part.

      Webinar recording (German)

      CNC simulator: Automated collision-free manufacturing

      In this free webinar by Tebis Product Manager Roderich Kulbach, learn how to optimize your manufacturing with the Tebis CNC Simulator, thereby laying the foundation for collision-free and automated manufacturing.  

      Webinar recording (German)

      Improve manufacturing efficiency with high-performance tools

      In our webinar, we showed how you can benefit from modern high-performance tools such as HPC and circular segment milling cutters and how Tebis supports these tools. Exact virtual tool contours and the ability to combine all machining types and strategies as you wish ensure optimal results.

      Webinar recording (German)

      Get a low-cost start in digital manufacturing management

      Our webinar shows how the Tebis software solution for planning, controlling and monitoring gives you an exact and up-to-date overview of your manufacturing projects – at all times. Learn how the ProLeiS starter packages can help you to process your manufacturing projects quickly and in top quality and thus increase your profitability.

      Webinar recording

      Tebis 5-axis milling: Simple, fast and reliable

      In this webinar, we will give you a basic overview of the advantages of multipage machining with Tebis. We will also show you the major new features that have been added in Version 4.0 Release 6.

      Webinar recording (German)

      Tebis Version 4.0 R6

      The new Tebis Version 4.0 Release 6 offers many new functions, more automation and  high user convenience. In thi swebinar we will show you the most important functions and news.

      Webinar recording (german)