Tebis: The Process.

The global high-quality brand for creative engineering provides complete CAD/CAM software solutions and highly efficient processes ... Read more

Tebis Version 4.0:

Look forward to using the most advanced CAD/CAM user interface in the world with just the software you need – powerful, flexible and individual. Read more


Deadline pressure? Increasingly complex products? Price pressure? Too few specialists? Tebis Consulting offers you manufacturing-related consulting and answers to your questions. We have the right methods, the expertise and the practical knowledge. Read more

Industry specialist

Tebis Version 4.0 opens up completely new perspectives for you: different versions of application-specific industry and special packages and optional add-ons. High-quality. Specialized. Cost-effective. Read more

Control your robots

Tebis Version 4.0 supports working with robots. Let us show you how easily you can generate perfect NC programs for your manufacturing methods – for chip-forming methods such as drilling, milling and trimming as well as for laser cutting and hardening and other methods. Read more

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Simply cost-effective

External factors are increasingly forcing organizations to improve their efficiency and reduce production expenditures. This can only be achieved with overall processes where all the details are optimally harmonized. This…

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Success story

Bringing productivity up to speed

Jaguar Land Rover`s Model Operations department was first introduced to Tebis in 1999. Today Jaguar Land Rover is Tebis UK's oldest and largest customer. CAD/CAM technology has completely changed work methods in this department…

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