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Welcome to the world of Tebis, the world’s leading provider of future-oriented software technology and high-efficiency process solutions – for die, mold and model manufacturing, mechanical engineering and industrial design. More… Read more

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… are your benefits. Higher efficiency, better quality, greater reliability – Tebis Software helps you save time, manufacture at the best Class-A quality and provide maximum protection for your personnel, machines and components. More… Read more

If machines were to decide ...

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Tebis Automill®

Tebis lets you standardize your manufacturing processes and ensures continuous high quality. Your manufacturing environment and your proven manufacturing knowledge are saved in Tebis process libraries. More… Read more

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Tebis Services help you tap your full potential. Tebis helps you analyze, structure and optimize your manufacturing processes, and is at your side every step of the way in your daily work. More… Read more

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Optimal control for maximum quality

We are very happy with the system, especially…

Excellence as a deciding factor

All production resources, from tools and machines…

What Software Would Fast Eddy Use?

"It is an extremely capable, surface based…


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Continuous manufacturing

Countless studies show: 40 to 50 percent of a plant’s entire throughput time is caused by unnecessary idle periods. This is often due to a flawed material flow. In 90 percent of cases, idle periods can be drastically reduced by…

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Success story

Optimal control for maximum quality

The ability to turn and mill components made of titanium-, steel- or aluminum alloys in a single cycle can be a challenging undertaking. Aspa, a precision machining company from Italy, quickly completes even complex manufacturing…

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