ProLeiS – the MES for die and mold manufacturing

    ProLeiS is MES software for die and mold manufacturing. Our experts have specially modified the planning and control functions to meet the requirements of medium-sized manufacturing companies and single-part manufacturing. The software is modular and adapts to company-specific processes and maps them digitally throughout.

    With an MES (manufacturing execution system), companies improve manufacturing processes and increase production capacity through efficient planning, control and evaluation of manufacturing orders.

    Specialists, machines and suppliers must be integrated and coordinated in manufacturing processes so that budgets are adhered to and assured quality and deadlines are met. ProLeiS MES provides the software platform to achieve this.

    Since 1999, ProLeiS software development has been closely aligned with the requirements of automotive manufacturers – especially die and mold manufacturers – and has been conducted in a close collaboration with research. This allows us to unite the latest trends with the continuously growing demands of the die and mold manufacturing industry.

    ProLeiS helps you optimally utilize resources, manufacture on time and reduce costs.

    Control all manufacturing processes using individual templates in a single software system
    From the executive level to the shop floor, always use standardized and current data
    from all areas
    Optimally utilize resources and manufacture on time with regulated, automated processes
    Viable for the future
    Manufacture in a digitized and networked system
    and optimize subsequent projects, and contribute to the ongoing development of the software

    Efficient single-part manufacturing...


    Pre-planning gives you an initial overview of the required time, resources and deadlines.

    The backbone of all manufacturing planning is the bill of materials. Once it has been imported, manufacturing managers use it to plan orders – from data input to assembly of the equipment. 


    For better manufacturing control, ProLeiS also integrates information from other existing systems for procurement, tools, logistics and NC programs – for optimal job management

    The user sees the next steps for each resource – for better workflow control. A release system ensures processing in the correct sequence.



    Feedback from manufacturing in the form of real-time data ensures an accurate overview of manufacturing status. It also enables fast responses to unscheduled events. 

    ProLeiS then generates statistics and provides key manufacturing performance indicators for evaluation.

    ProLeiS therefore improves transparency in manufacturing and the profitability of the entire company. 

    Selected references

    Audi AG • BMW AG • Daimler AG • Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG • GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH • Meissner AG • Dräxlmaier Group

    Gedia Dingerkus is laying a solid foundation for the future with ProLeiS

    "Nobody wants to go back to how things were before ProLeiS. The system quickly provides us with all the data we need and enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to short-term challenges. With ProLeiS, we’re also laying the groundwork for our automation, which we’ll be taking on soon." 

    Read the success story
    Planning reliability and transparency with ProLeiS

    "Whether it's a deadline change, a last-minute order or the failure of a machine – just a few mouse clicks in the system gives us a clear picture and we can give the customer a clear answer."

    Fabian Schmittlein, Process Planner

    Koller Formenbau GmbH
    Oberbürg, Germany

    Read the success story
    Accept the order, or better to reject it?

    A new order beckons: How can you structure your capacities to complete it on time? Automated pre-planning in ProLeiS MES gives you a quick answer. Check your capacities and resources and simulate the production load with the requested order. 

    Why precise manufacturing planning is worthwhile

    Companies that plan single part manufacturing based on a bill of materials ensure a high degree of accuracy. A detailed overview and clear workflows simplify manufacturing control. The results: fewer errors, faster processing and greater flexibility. ProLeiS MES provides greater transparency and optimized organization.

    Keep a handle on production with key performance indicators

    ProLeiS collects your machine data and compresses them into relevant production information. Combined with data from the organization, you can quickly obtain KPIs for the entire company. Dashboards keep you focused on what's important for your business.

    The right part in the right place at the right time

    Organize your company's internal logistics: On-time provision of the right tools, blanks, and clamping devices and faster material flow – ensured by ProLeiS. The MES software organizes your internal logistics processes and provides chronological overviews and current supplemental information. 

    Learn from mistakes – quality management

    Only companies that recognize and track errors and faults can permanently eliminate them. ProLeiS automates the registration of faults in the manufacturing process and helps you implement measures for improvement. This allows you to eliminate weak points and reduce your risk.

    Document management – Standards for overview

    Data is valuable digital raw material. With individual conditions, ProLeiS ensures compliance with standards in document handling and therefore greater process reliability. ProLeiS document management ensures that all teams have up-to-date, adjusted and correct data for their tasks.

    Interfaces in ProLeiS

    ProLeiS MES integrates data from other software systems through powerful interfaces. The MES integrates your machines and ERP, PLM, CAD and CAM software. For example, Tebis users can manage manufacturing data in coupled operation without switching between applications. Data transfers via interfaces are current and reliable. 


    What do companies use MES software for?

    Companies use MES software (manufacturing execution system) to improve their manufacturing processes and to increase production capacity through efficient planning, control and evaluation of manufacturing orders. The key: Everyone works in a single system that actively supports them in performing their tasks.

    The MES also uses business information (like information from an ERP system) and manufacturing-related data from CAX and PDM systems. The entire company benefits:

    • Shop: Manufacturing designers and NC programmers work with current digital data that the machine operators receive directly on the machines. Workflows are coordinated and stored in ProLeiS.
    • Manufacturing managers: have a detailed overview of processes, status and material use in real time. They can respond quickly and specifically to faults and changes. They can reliably and effectively plan new orders.
    • Business management: receives key performance indicators for monitoring efficiency. Continuous evaluations from historical and current data provide the foundation for investment decisions. 


    Nobody wants to go back to how things were before ProLeiS. The system quickly provides us with all the data we need and enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to short-term challenges. With ProLeiS, we’re also laying a solid foundation for our automation, which we will be taking on soon.

    Ralf Hesener, Head of Die Engineering at Gedia, Germany
    No matter whether it's a deadline change, a last-minute order or the failure of a machine – with just a few mouse clicks in the MES system, we get an overview and can give the customer a clear answer.
    Fabian Schmittlein, Process planner at Koller Formenbau GmbH

    With the help of Tebis and ProLeiS, our machines are now operating at 90 percent capacity. We now need only three to four weeks for machining operations that used to take six to eight weeks.

    Rolf Hädicke and Mark Gras, managing directors of PS-Prototypenschmiede GmbH, Germany

    Service – our team for you

    In addition to consulting, we also offer demonstration meetings on site. Because ProLeiS can be customized in many ways, we learn about your manufacturing processes and manufacturing environment in these meetings. 

    Along with our consulting team, we develop an evaluation order that details the initial scenarios and ProLeiS modules that are appropriate for you. 

    Our service also includes: 

    • Implementation, training and support
    • Support and personal contacts
    • Expansion modules
    • Practical and continuous development of the software
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