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    Benefits of Process and Design Automation
    It is no secret that being a manufacturer today isn’t like it used to be.  To be competitive companies are turning to automation improve efficiency, reduce cost and drive continuous improvement.
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     Tebis 4.1 Release 5 - Fast, convenient and automated
    Join us for this webinar to learn more about the newest release of Tebis Version 4.1.

    Topics we'll cover:
    CAD - 3D Design
    CAM - Milling
    CAM - Automation
    CAM - Job Planning
    CAM - Turning / Turning Drilling
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    Streamline your CAD to CAM process
    Migrating to Tebis 4.1 can be a big step. Join us to find out how capable the new version of Tebis is, and all the ways you can benefit from upgrading and implementing Tebis 4.1.

    New user interface overview
    Optimize your CAD and CAM processes - saving time and increasing quality and safety
    Data preparation and programming with Tebis 4.1
    How to improve your efficiency with automation
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    AMBA - How Technology Drives an Effective Manufacturing Process
    The U.S. economy is stable and the demand for molds is strong – this is positive for the mold building industry. And, now more than ever, resource and capacity planning are extremely important as many of you are having difficulties finding the right talent.

    In this webinar, Michael Thiessen talks to America mold builders and provides insight and examples on how they can use CAD/CAM/MES technology to automate and standardize the design and programming processes resulting in improved efficiency and shop flexibility....
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    Industry 4.0: How Technology Can Deliver Efficiency in Manufacturing

    Experts from Tebis, Harbour Results Inc. and 2764 Advisors LLC discuss Industry 4.0, specifically what manufacturers need to do now and in the future to automate their traditional manufacturing practices, and how software plays a critical role in this transformation.
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    Tebis 4.1 - New user guidance
    Tebis' new complete parametric-associative CAD/CAM system is finally here. Join us for this webinar to learn how to implement and use this solution for seamless, highly automated mold, die and model design, development, programming and manufacturing. All in one single solution.
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    Tebis Version 4.0 Release 9 Updates
    Product and Application Specialist, Greg DeRidder, will walk you through the updates in the latest release of Tebis.
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    Gundrilling in the Mold Industry
    Join us for this webinar where you will find out how simplistic gundrilling can be using Tebis.
    Technical expert, Greg DeRidder, has implemented several successful gundrilling solutions for Tebis customers. This webinar is for anyone who wants to optimize their existing process or who still create NC programs directly on the machine for these types of applications.
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    Manufacturing Safer with Digital Twins

    Tebis America's Sales Manager, Michael Thiessen reviews the advantages and benefits Digital Twins provide for manufacturing.

    The webinar will highlight digital twins of machining centers for planning, programming, and CNC production as well as how automation can make your manufacturing environment safer.

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    Tebis / ProLeiS Integration for Single Part Manufacturing
    Watch this recording to see how MES ProLeiS and Tebis Interface can facilitate Automated Programming with Process IDs for Single Part Manufacturing.  This will be our 3rd webinar in our series and is a continuance of our previous topic "Automated Scheduling during Covid-19".
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    Automated Scheduling during COVID-19

    Join us to see how ProLeiS can facilitate re-scheduling your resources automatically in a time of crisis.  As we can see in this unprecedented time, resource availability is changing day to day and we need to have the ability to be agile in rescheduling while minimizing the effort required at a detailed planning level.  ProLeiS enables this automated possibility through part classifications and Process ID driven templates


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    What is ProLeiS?

    Join us for an overview of ProLeiS and what it has to offer to your manufacturing operations. This will be the first of a series of webinars. See how ProLeiS can facilitate Standardization, Performance Monitoring and Critical Decision Making in a Manufacturing environment of Single Part Production.


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    Join us for our first No Lunch But Learn online session.

    On top of your questions, we will elaborate on the topic of Indexed Collision Avoidance


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