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    Process solutions for the manufacturing industry

    CAD/CAM software for CNC programming

    Tebis AG is a leading global provider of CAD/CAM and MES software. With our high degree of expertise in consulting, implementation and support, we’ve been implementing highly efficient and safe process solutions for our customers since 1984. Our customers use our solutions to manufacture single parts like models, molds and dies as well as the highest-quality series parts made of metal or plastic.

    CAD software specialized for manufacturing 

    Designers, planners and NC programmers use Tebis CAD modules for manufacturing-related design tasks. This goes quickly and is highly automated with parametric/associative surface and solid technology. Creating, supplementing, modifying and improving CAD models ensure large savings – also in subsequent processes. 

    CAM software for many manufacturing methods

    Tebis CAD/CAM software lets you quickly, easily and automatically create collision-free NC programs for many manufacturing methods – including drilling, milling, turning, turning/milling, robotic milling, trimming, sinker EDM, wire EDM, 3D laser cutting, laser hardening and laser weld cladding.

    CAQ software measuring on machines

    With CAQ software from Tebis, you can cover a broad range – from manually guided measurement and operating CNC-controlled measuring machines to automatic testing in the machine center and the correction of key process parameters.

    MES software for manufacturing management 

    ProLeiS MES gives you a clear view of planned, ongoing, and potential projects.

    With ProLeiS, you can plan and control your resources, deliver on time, and evaluate order data.

    This full visibility lets you optimize your manufacturing processes and production capacity.


    Discover the potential of Tebis 4.1: Manufacturing efficiency and innovation

    Benefits of Tebis 4.1

    Tebis 4.1 is a complete parametric-associative CAD/CAM system with which all tasks in manufacturing preparation, design and CAM programming can be performed seamlessly in highly automated processing in a single system. 

    More about Tebis 4.1

    Specializing in single-part and small-series manufacturing

    Tebis’ customers are among the most coveted partners in the global automotive, aerospace and production machining industries.
    Tebis also serves companies from the motorsports, energy, agricultural machinery and medical technology industries as well as the consumer goods sector.

    Mold manufacturing

    If you manufacture injection molds, thermoforming molds, die casting or gravity die casting molds, laminating molds, below molds or drop forging dies, Tebis ensures you are optimally prepared for current challenges of the market. You can optimally utilize your machines and deliver your parts on time and in outstanding quality. 

    Die manufacturing

    Many OEMs and medium-sized companies around the world have successfully implemented the Tebis solution for die manufacturing. With powerful CAD and CAM functions and highly automated processes, they shorten their throughput times and minimize manual reworking in tryout. 

    Production machining

    Whether they are aerospace, automotive, motorsport, oil and gas components, or medical parts – you can manufacture your mechanical components quickly, easily and flexibly using all machining technologies with Tebis. You can benefit from a high degree of automation in the software and verification using digital twins.

    Model making

    With Tebis, you can manufacture components for data control models, foundry models, laminating models and gauges quickly and at the highest quality. In both CAD and CAM, Tebis is a perfect match for the processes in the high-tech craft of model making. Tebis users benefit from the straightforward and logical implementation of the software and the automation possibilities. 


    Airbus Helicopters Deutschland GmbH • Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. • BMW Group • Bertrandt Technikum GmbH • Daimler AG • BYD Company Ltd. • Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG • DST Dräxlmaier Systemtechnik GmbH • EBZ Systec GmbH • EDAG Engineering GmbH • FAW Group Co.,Ltd. • Ford Motor Company • GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH • General Motors • Gestamp Tooling Erandio, S.L. • Great Wall Motor Company Limited • Hella Werkzeug-Technologiezentrum GmbH • Honda R&D Co., Ltd. • Honeywell Aerospace Olomouc s.r.o. • Husqvarna AB • Integrity Tool & Mold Inc. • Jaguar Land Rover Ltd., Whitley • KUKA Industries GmbH & Co. KG • Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH • Porsche Werkzeugbau GmbH • Schneider Form GmbH • Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG • ThyssenKrupp System Engineering GmbH • Toyota Motor Cooperation • UTC Aerospace Systems • Volke Entwicklungsring SE • Volkswagen AG • Volvo Car Corporation

    Software, services and consulting

    We develop software and offer complete service from the implementation of digital processes to user support, and we advise our customers on management and process topics.

    CAD/CAM and MES software

    Our software components for CAD/CAM, CAQ and MES support you in efficiently processing your manufacturing projects and in providing your customers with on-time deliveries at the highest quality.

    Tebis software services for your every need

    Our application experts can train your users and support you through our hotline.

    We digitalize both your manufacturing environment and your manufacturing knowledge and guide you through the digital transition.

    Regular updates for your Tebis software are included in the license.

    Tebis Consulting

    Awarded again: "Best of Consulting Mittelstand 2022" from WirtschaftsWoche for a customer project.

    Would a critical evaluation of management issues help you optimize processes?

    Our consultants have firsthand experience and a high degree of expertise in the manufacturing industry.

    CAD and NC services

    If needed, the Tebis AG CAD/CAM experts can support your company with special CAD and NC services on short notice. We can step in on-site to fend off impending bottlenecks – in the event of an overload or employee illness or vacation.


    Automatic manufacturing of single parts and small series with Tebis Automill®

    Digitalizing expertise and workshop

    When manufacturing managers use automation, they entrust their valuable machines and workpieces to our Tebis CAD/CAM software, which they rely on completely for safety. Tebis Automill® knows machines, tools and every clamping device in detail and has already prevented collisions with all these components during calculation of the NC paths. Because they’ve also stored their manufacturing expertise in Tebis Automill®, they use automated programming with templates, resulting in faster work and better quality.

    Tebis ensures peace of mind for those who want to operate their machines unattended and enjoy the weekend. Because Tebis shows at an early stage what’ll happen – or what shouldn´t happen – later on the machine. It helps with setup and with defining the required tools, and it calculates collision-checked NC paths using the company’s own proven methods. Tebis Automill® has already detected critical areas during programming, because it knows the entire manufacturing environment – in the form of digital twins. 
    Those who are responsible for manufacturing quality want to prevent errors and implement continuous improvement. And those who’ve achieved this goal can well be proud of it! Tebis Automill® learns continuously and repeatedly applies the company's own production secrets. Always the right cutting data, always the right tool sequence, always the right line spacing – both 3-axis and 5-axis. Manual reworking – that was yesterday. Those who store their expertise in Tebis Automill® can work safer, faster and more profitably and more safely. 

    Top news

    Latest Tebis technologies and responses

    We are continuously refining our software and services and always keep our customers up to date.

    As a provider of complete software solutions and high-efficiency processes, we are represented at many events worldwide. We are pleased to invite you to get to know us personally and to learn more about what we have to offer. We look forward to seeing you.
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    Our webinar participants were also surprised by the challenge results. You don't want to miss it.

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    Benefits of Tebis 4.1

    Tebis 4.1 is a complete parametric-associative CAD/CAM system with which all tasks in manufacturing preparation, design and CAM programming can be performed seamlessly in highly automated processing in a single system. 

    More about Tebis 4.1
    CNC simulator

    The Tebis CNC Simulator lets you fully plan, program and check your NC machining operations in the Tebis CNC programming environment. All of the components in your real manufacturing environment – including tools, machines, clamping devices and units – are stored down to the last detail as digital twins in the virtual programming environment. 

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    Since the implementation of Tebis at Secondo Mona, we’ve been manufacturing increasingly complex parts. We can approach the part precisely within half a millimeter when positioning, because we have the 3D model of the machine and tools in the library and we work in advance on collision avoidance.

    Fabio Bertesina, Manufacturing Engineering NC Programmer, Secondo Mona S.p.A., Somma Lombardo (VA), Italy

    The new process enables exactly the same dies to be quickly and efficiently fabricated and tried out for multiple locations at the same time. Our die manufacturers worldwide have benefited from this process. It allowed us to very quickly produce the dies for Mexico in a standardized process.

    Roland Schöbel, Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg

    For a model of medium complexity, developing high-quality CAD design surfaces for the outer skin of a vehicle now takes roughly 50 hours. (Previously, it took about twice the time.)

    BWM Group-Design

    When we decided to go with Tebis, we really hit the bull’s-eye. The collision checking is also very precise – better than what we saw in other systems.


    Richard Kurz, Wethje Carbon Composites GmbH, Germany

    Thanks to the order wizard and the planning templates, we can plan an entire vehicle type with just a few clicks of the mouse: It couldn't be easier.

    Frank Eberhardt, Equipment manufacturing planner at Daimler AG, Germany

    If we weren't using Tebis, we wouldn't be where we are today.

    Jürgen Hopf, Technical managing director, Hopf Kunststofftechnik, Besigheim-Ottmarsheim, Germany

    Tebis is more than just a Cam software provider. For us Tebis is a process provider. The process chain from design to the milling machine has to be perfectly coordinated. Today we can run our machines 24/7 with only one shift.

    Anton Schweiger, Managing director at Schweiger GmbH & Co KG, Germany

    To reduce our collision rate to zero and to simultaneously save time-consuming checking after postprocessing, we used a simulation with millimeter accuracy of the machine model and the tools in the virtual world. Only Tebis was able to do this.

    Hermann Geueke, Head of machining, GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH, Germany

    With the Tebis job manager, structures and processes can be mostly automated. Manufacturing processes can therefore be more easily controlled and are faster, more reliable and more cost-effective


    Martin Larsson, Managing director, Unnaryd Modell AB, Sweden

    35 years of innovation

    As a complete CAD/CAM provider, we’ve integrated increasingly more design and manufacturing technologies in Tebis CAD/CAM software and established services that support powerful customer processes. 
    We extended our capabilities to include MES software in 2009 to better prepare our customers for the Industry 4.0 era.
    We’ve received multiple awards for our consulting work, most recently from Wirtschaftswoche magazine in 2018.

    Tebis Stammhaus in Planegg bei München mit über 12.000qm Büro- und Nutzfläche
    13 Tebis sales and service locations with a total of 400 employees support our customers worldwide. We also work with 20 distributors.
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