Our consulting approach

    Analyze, plan, implement

    A company's success depends on many factors. Our consultants focus on these factors. Tebis has developed a procedure specific to the industry that has led to success in hundreds of projects. It is always tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

    Our consultants analyze your situation on site and record conclusive data from which we derive feasible measures. However, a promising concept alone isn’t enough to bring about a change: We support you in implementing the recommended measures.

    For functioning processes in manufacturing and management

    We’ve developed the Tebis method for comprehensively optimizing processes and strategies based on our industry experience:

    In a comprehensive process analysis, we collect conclusive data from production in four steps. We include your employees in this process. An evaluation reveals potential for improvement along your value creation chain. We develop a sustainable concept for improvement. It includes only feasible measures that are customized for your requirements. We then work with you to implement the recommended measures.  

    Just as the approach by the Tebis consultants is clearly defined and meticulously planned, conditions in each company is individual and varied. Every consulting project is unique and is 100 percent aligned with each individual company.

    Whether it’s increased machine run time, faster throughput or greater efficiency and profitability − Tebis consulting projects yield measurable success

    Thanks to process and investment advice, we were able to increase our productivity by 15% per year. Even during the 2009-2010 crisis we could invest in new machines and technology to continuously improve our financial position despite the collapsed market at the time.

    Matthias Reuss, Managing director, M.Reuss GmbH, Germany

    Every now and then, and especially when things get difficult, an outside perspective can make all the difference. To offer our customers better lead times and more on-time delivery, the entire GEZEA team spent three days working intensively with Mr. Rausch from Tebis Consulting. After a few weeks of intensive planning of the proposed measures, now it's time to take action. We are confident that we will become an even better mold and die manufacturing partner.

    Henning Köllner, managing director, GEZEA GmbH

    It's that simple

    Four steps to more efficient production

    1. Set the right goals

    Define specific customer objectives

    • Maximize sales and profits
    • Increase productivity and efficiency
    • Increase process reliability
    • Strategically align company for the future
    2. Select the right tools

    Develop a concept

    • Analyze procedures and tasks
    • Define maximum potential
    • Establish an industry benchmark
    • Derive measures
    3. Pull the right levers

    Implement recommended measures

    • Responsibly
    • Consistently
    • Permanently


    4. Ensure the right results

    Finish and evaluate

    •  Post-analysis
    •  Establish new industry benchmark
    •  Evaluate achievement of objectives
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