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    Tebis case study - AFS Entwicklungs and Vertriebs GmbH

    Whether it’s laminated, printed, metalised or coated: Packaging is a highly complex composite of different materials. For over 30 years, AFS has been producing plasma, corona and perforation systems for handling these packaging materials. The requirements are demanding, and robust systems must be used. AFS has become a market leader thanks to its quality and reliability.


    Smart manufacturing libraries with Tebis

    Tebis is well known as a premium CAD/CAM and MES software company that offers advanced solutions for model, pattern, die and mould making as well as mechanical component manufacturing.


    Mould and prototype specialist explains why Tebis is his 'go to' CAD/CAM software

    SCHRÖTER Modell- und Formenbau GmbH in Oberpframmern near Munich, Germany, is a company specialising in the production of highly complex moulds and prototypes in a wide range of materials for demanding industries such as aerospace, satellite navigation and motorsport. 


    Tebis holds 2022 open house event

    This year’s Tebis open house took place from the 1-2 June at Tebis’ headquarters in Martinsried. The 2022 Tebis Open House was once again held under the motto ‘We bring it all together’.


    Taking optimised manufacturing to the next level

    The third release of Tebis 4.1 now comes with even more new developments which include: shorter programming times with improved NCJob technology, complete collision control accounting for material removal and automatic detection of 2D areas.


    Tebis announces June open house

    The pandemic has meant that it’s been three years since the last Tebis open house.

    However all that is about to change because the company has announced that its 2022 open house will take place from 1-2 June at its headquarters in Martinsried, Germany.



    Due to Covid-19, it has been three years since the last Tebis Open House but the company has now confirmed that this year it will be held on from 1-2 June 2022 at the headquarters in Martinsried, Germany.


    Intelligent manufacturing from Tebis – MACH 2022

    Tebis, a specialist provider of CAD/CAM and MES solutions for mechanical component, model, pattern, die and mould manufacturing, will be displaying the latest release of Tebis CAD/CAM software Version 4.1 and ProLeiS MES.


    One CAM System to Meet Every Need

    ​High quality results, automated processes, efficient work procedures and maximum safety in manufacturing – the demands on modern CAM systems are high, according to CAM provider Tebis.


    Italian aerospace manufacturer swears by Tebis CAD/CAM

    For more than 12 years, Secondo Mona, an established Italian aerospace supplier, has trusted the reliability and efficiency of Tebis CAD/CAM software.


    Feature library supports CAM automation

    For CAM software specialist Tebis, automation is a key principle for effective and efficient CNC programming while improving machining quality, efficiency and safety. One of the features to support CAM automation with Tebis CAD/CAM is the use of its feature library.

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