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    Tebis services for all your software needs

    The benefits for your performance

    Maximum availability of software and machines and a fast service response time are key factors for keeping your manufacturing processes up and running. We stand by you every day with acclaimed customer service. We provide expert support with the Tebis service contract and other optional services.

    With the Tebis service contract, you’re always at the leading edge. You benefit from software that’s always up to date, use of the expert hotline and contact with other Tebis users.

    We offer additional optional services like

    • CAD/CAM and MES training
    • digitalization of your manufacturing environment and your proven manufacturing knowledge as well as simulation of your organizational and logistical processes.

    Our technical support gives you expert assistance with installation, configuration and implementation to ensure that your manufacturing runs smoothly.

    With Tebis as a strategic, technical and operational partner, you’ll experience a lasting improvement in your competitiveness.

    Upgrading to Tebis 4.1
    We’re offering special conditions for update training courses and for upgrading your Tebis installation to the current Tebis 4.1. Take advantage of our special offers for training and implementation.
    CAD and NC services

    If needed, the Tebis AG CAD/CAM experts can support your company with special CAD and NC services on short notice. We can step in on-site to fend off impending bottlenecks – in the event of an overload or employee illness or vacation.

    Online training courses

    NEW! You can now complete Tebis training courses online – live and at the same high quality. You can participate from your work office or remotely, all you need is a computer with internet access. No travel time, no accommodation costs - but complete and certified. Choose your personal online training course now!


    The Tebis service contract

    You receive a comprehensive worry-free package that you’ll use to automatically improve the performance of your software and keep it state of the art. You benefit from direct downloads, the free customer service line and contact with other Tebis users. The Tebis service contract gives you the reliability you need to improve your competitiveness.

    Your benefit from contractual services

    Our contractual services

    The Tebis service contract has a lot to offer: Discover our comprehensive worry-free package with our qualified help desk and updates.

    Technicians with industry experience
    From design to 5-axis milling preparation – our service technicians are your expert contacts
    Fast assistance
    Hotline inquiries are resolved within 30 minutes on average.
    A tradition of reliability
    We’ve stood by our customers for over 30 years.

    The future of manufacturing is digital

    Digital twins ensure automation and intelligent production

    The manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation. A digital infrastructure is a prerequisite for achieving the goal of "intelligent production." This includes manufacturing knowledge and manufacturing resources as well as project workflows. However, a complete digital infrastructure doesn't just appear one day. Small steps and continuous adjustments are necessary to achieve this goal, and Tebis is here to support you all the way.

    Our services digitalize your process and your machines, tools and clamping devices are then part of your Tebis installation. The same applies to templates with proven methods and to machining parameters and cutting data.

    • Relieve your employees of repetitive tasks
    • Accelerate routine work and manufacturing time
    • Reduce error rate.

    We guide our customers along the path to the digital era of Industry 4.0 and improve both their technical CAD/CAM processes and their organizational and logistical MES processes.

    Digital manufacturing knowledge

    We evaluate your processes and manufacturing methods for standards, derive templates from these and integrate the knowledge in your Tebis installation. You’ll optimize your programming and machine capacity.

    Digital manufacturing environment

    We prepare exact virtual models of your manufacturing environment. This way your Tebis installation knows all about your machines, tools, units and controls. The flow of information from design to manufacturing is transparent, and this provides a solid foundation for further automation.

    Digital order processing

    Projects are easier to manage if your processes are clearly defined and are available to everyone in a single system. The ProLeiS MES software lets you digitally plan, control and evaluate all technical, organizational and logistical processes, from the initial inquiry to the finished product.


    Training programs: Qualifying employees and promoting employee development 


    We teach your employees how to use the software and present the latest developments in training programs and webinars. After a training course, you’ll be able to meet targets faster and work more flexibly.


    Our Tebis webinars give you practical insight into Tebis CAD/CAM software and the ProLeiS MES. Our experts present software developments, provide clear explanations of processes and functions and provide you with helpful tips. We answer your questions in the live chat session. Stay up to date. Register today. 


    The customer service is excellent. Decisions are made quickly at Tebis. Requests and feedback are considered and implemented as quickly as possible. 

    Frank Hein, Thyssen Krupp System Engineering GmbH

    From our first introduction to CNC manufacturing to our collaboration that’s lasted many years, we’ve had nothing but good experiences with Tebis Software and Services. The Tebis technicians are always quick to find the appropriate solution. 

    Tobias Theven, head of CNC manufacturing, Theven Modell- und Formenbau GmbH, Germany

    The Tebis service and training programs are top-notch. Our employees are able to work optimally with the software.

    Max Lörzel, managing director of Schröter Modell- und Formenbau GmbH

    Using Tebis in your home office

    We are not leaving our customers alone. We can help you complete your design and NC programming tasks in your home office if necessary.

    Because you can store your complete manufacturing environment as digital twins in Tebis CAD/CAM for planning, programming and simulation, you can also create programs from outside of your shop that are reliable and optimally matched to your machines.

    Please contact your area sales manager if you want to use your Tebis licenses in your home office outside the contractually agreed workspace for this purpose. 

    They will provide you with advice and support, also regarding optimizing your manufacturing environment for smooth order processing no matter where you perform your CAD/CAM tasks.