Tebis solution for die manufacturing

    Manufacturing precise dies quickly and automatically

    As a manufacturer of sheet-metal dies or progressive dies, you’re currently confronted with many challenges. Price pressure is high, and even complex dies must be delivered faster than ever while requirements for their quality are simultaneously on the rise. Qualified personnel are scarce, and order quantities are fluctuating. The key to maintaining a presence in the market despite these challenges lies in better utilization of your machines, shorter throughput times, increased productivity and the reduction of correction loops and manual reworking in tryout. 

    With our extensive experience and expertise in die manufacturing, we support you in improving your technical CAD/CAM processes and your logistical and organizational MES processes. We develop special software components and maintain our own consulting teams for both areas.

    We take a comprehensive approach to evaluating design, NC preparation, NC programming and tryout: Tebis software and services provide end-to-end and highly automated overall solutions. Our customers report efficiency increases of over 50 percent.

    Improving efficiency with Tebis

    Software – CAD, CAM and MES
    High degree of automation • Storage of knowledge in templates • Reduced-personnel manufacturing and multi-machine operation • Greater transparency with appropriate MES software
    High-quality surfaces
    CAD for geometry preparation suitable for manufacturing • Calculate NC paths on precise surfaces • Individually adjustable NC point distribution
    Maximum reliability
    Collision-checked NC programs • Integrated simulation and verification • Virtual manufacturing environment with machines, tools, clamping devices and units
    High degree of expertise
    Comprehensive and individual services • Manufacturing-related corporate consulting • High degree of expertise in die manufacturing

    What our customers are saying

    Numerous die manufacturer around the world use Tebis solutions and benefit from our comprehensive service. Read why they decided on Tebis.

    Tebis process solutions at Volkswagen

    "Even if just one pressure area was overlooked in the process, the correction cost us up to 10,000 Euros. Today, for example, we install dies for doors that we previously had to rework directly in the press for roughly 160 hours"

    Roland Schöbel, Head of machining

    Die manufacturing Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany

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    Clearly thrilled and measurably improved

    "Tebis provides comprehensive process consulting and has precise knowledge of our industry. No one else can offer this combination."

    Diedrich Diedrichsen, Managing partner

    Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, Preußisch Oldendorf, Germany

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    GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH

    "To reduce our collision rate to zero and to simultaneously save time-consuming checking after postprocessing, we used a simulation with millimeter accuracy of the machine model and the tools in the virtual world. Only Tebis was able to do this."

    Hermann Geueke, Head of Mechanical Manufacturing

    GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH, Attendorn, Sauerland, Germany

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    Saving €300,000 per year

    "Even with our motivated and committed team, FMF would not be where we are today with our processes without the support we got from Tebis."

    Rudolf Friedrich, Managing director

    FMF Friedrich Modell- und Formenbau GmbH, Hardthausen-Gochsen, Germany

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    BMW Group • Volkswagen AG • Daimler AG • General Motors • Ford Motor Company • Porsche Werkzeugbau GmbH • Hermesmeyer & Greweling GmbH & Co. KG • ThyssenKrupp System Engineering GmbH • FMF-WWF Werkzeug- und Prototypenbau GmbH • Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG • GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH • EBZ Systec GmbH • Volvo Car Corporation • JoRe Werkzeugbau GmbH • Gestamp Tooling Erandio, S.L. • Batz. S.COOP.LTDA. • Toyota Motor Corporation • Johannes Meier Werkzeugbau GmbH • SWB Schmedthenke Werkzeugbau GmbH • Schweikert GmbH • riemann werkzeugbau GmbH

    CAD solutions

    The basis for automated NC programming and the highest fitting accuracy

    Save time in NC programming, on the machine and in tryout.

    • Scan areas or the entire die with reverse engineering and create high-quality surfaces.
    • Because Tebis can mill both on digitized data and on surfaces, you can combine scanned and designed part areas.
    • Instead of working with NC attributes and allowances, you can easily design positive and negative reliefs and pressure surfaces directly in the active surfaces that shape the part.
    • With springback compensation, you can deform surface models based on FEM forecasts or measurements, thereby reducing the number of correction loops.
    • The process solution for small parts automatically cuts the solid geometry, axes, features and active surfaces to form a precise geometry that precisely corresponds to the finished part.
    • The data processing functions can be used to conveniently prepare geometries for automatic NC programming.
    • With parametric CAD templates, you prepare your part for CAM programming with a mouse click.

    Springback compensation in various stages. Far right: the result in reflection analysis.

    Efficient active surface design with precisely designed reliefs and pressure surfaces.

    Highly automated small parts process for trim and coining steels.

    CAM solutions

    Highly automated and flexible

    Tebis lets you generate efficient and reliable NC programs for all manufacturing technologies that are relevant to die manufacturing.

    • 2.5D drilling and milling for prismatic machining
    • 3D milling and 5-axis simultaneous machining: for example, using modern high-performance tools like circle-segment cutters
    • Laser weld cladding for repairs
    • Laser hardening in trim and coining steel manufacturing
    • Laser cutting for sheet-metal trimming in tryout

    Tebis simulation technology is very beneficial : Tebis lets you plan, check and program from end to end using digital twins. The entire manufacturing environment with all machines and tools can be represented in the virtual world on a one to one basis. You retain full control over your machine hall. Only collision-checked NC programs are sent to the machine – an essential prerequisite for multi-machine operation and reduced-personnel manufacturing.

    5-axis simultaneous residual stock machining
    Efficient manufacturing with multiple setups

    MES ProLeiS

    Plan, control and evaluate projects

    Our ProLeiS MES software gives Tebis customers a clear picture of scheduled, ongoing and potential projects. This allows you to control your resources, optimize your production performance and ensure on-time delivery.

    • Pre-planning of your own manufacturing resources like machines for advance detection of scheduling conflicts in order inquiries
    • Manufacturing planning for ideal utilization of your own and external resources when placing orders
    • Control and inform all employees in all planned implementation areas by the specified deadlines
    • Registration and documentation of faults for continuous process improvement
    • Registration and visualization of operating and machine data: for example, in the form of dashboards
    • Material management of blanks, finished parts and tools
    • Document management for CAD files, NC programs and all other manufacturing-related electronic documents.

    How die manufacturing customers use Tebis:

    CAD software specialized for manufacturing 

    Designers, planners and NC programmers use Tebis CAD modules for manufacturing-related design tasks. This goes quickly and is highly automated with parametric/associative surface and solid technology. Creating, supplementing, modifying and improving CAD models ensure large savings – also in subsequent processes. 

    Preparing CAD models for manufacturing

    Fast and safe with combined solid and surface technology in Tebis: The better a CAD model is prepared for NC manufacturing, the less time and effort needs to be invested in NC programming. In many cases, NC programming can proceed automatically in Tebis.

    Designing and manufacturing active surfaces to exact specifications

    Tebis offers automated design functions with which active surface designers can include sheet thickness, thinning effects and reliefs in the design of the CAD active surfaces. This results in significant time savings in NC programming, machining and tryout.

    Compensating springback in CAD

    While mechanical compensation introduced by grinding the die requires an enormous time expenditure, the approved sheet metal die geometry can be arrived at far more quickly through the implementation of deformation technology in the CAD surfaces.

    Using reverse engineering to align the CAD world with the real world

    Reverse engineering is used everywhere that work is performed manually on real objects and in the CAD model. In model manufacturing, design objects and vehicles modeled in clay are scanned and transferred to CAD surfaces. In die manufacturing, manual changes to sheet-metal dies in the tryout phase are scanned and the existing CAD model is updated based on the scanned data.

    Automatically and manually optimize CAD surface quality

    CAD surface quality results from the algorithmic properties of the CAD systems used, from the design history and from conversion processes via interfaces. CAD data with qualitative deficiencies often has to be imported and further processed in order to manufacture molds and dies. Tebis helps optimize surface quality.

    CAD interfaces for smooth data transfer

    Establish connections to other CAD systems via direct and standard interfaces. Our CAD interfaces ensure a smooth, two-way and extremely reliable data transfer.

    Why precise manufacturing planning is worthwhile

    Companies that plan single part manufacturing based on a bill of materials ensure a high degree of accuracy. A detailed overview and clear workflows simplify manufacturing control. The results: fewer errors, faster processing and greater flexibility. ProLeiS MES provides greater transparency and optimized organization.

    CAM software for many manufacturing methods

    Tebis CAD/CAM software lets you quickly, easily and automatically create collision-free NC programs for many manufacturing methods – including drilling, milling, turning, turning/milling, robotic milling, trimming, sinker EDM, wire EDM, 3D laser cutting, laser hardening and laser weld cladding.

    CNC programming

    Tebis CNC programming greatly reduces programming and setup time in the overall process chain. Tebis combines speed, reliability and a high degree of automation with the greatest possible flexibility. The portfolio includes industry-specific solutions for all areas, including 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis machining.

    CNC automation
    Tebis Automill® evaluates the digital CAD part model and accesses a previously stored structure of digital representations of the company's manufacturing environment and the manufacturing knowledge stored in templates to calculate the NC programs.
    CNC simulator

    The Tebis CNC Simulator lets you fully plan, program and check your NC machining operations in the Tebis CNC programming environment. All of the components in your real manufacturing environment – including tools, machines, clamping devices and units – are stored down to the last detail as digital twins in the virtual programming environment. 

    Multiple setup

    Tebis lets you separate NC programming and setup planning. NC programming and machining can be done independently in terms of time and organization. Parts and clamping devices are also protected from collisions.

    CNC drilling

    Tebis lets you program simple bores and complex multi-sided machining operations right at your CAM workplace. Strategies for centering, countersinking, reaming, thread cutting, thread milling and milling fittings are included. You benefit from automated manufacturing templates and shortened traverse paths using virtual machine technology. 

    2.5D milling

    Prismatic machining can be completely automated based on individual process libraries using Tebis template technology. Programming on the machine is eliminated and NC programming at the Tebis workstation is simple.

    3D milling

    Free-form machining lets you combine all your strategies for roughing, finishing and residual stock machining in the Tebis Job Manager. You can use convenient template technology and ensure collision avoidance already in the CAM environment.

    5-axis milling

    Tebis 5-axis milling lets you use the full potential of your expensive high-performance machines: Collision-free programs can be easily planned and calculated for all multi-axis machining operations. Simultaneous 5-axis strategies that are customized for specific manufacturing tasks make NC programming very simple – especially in combination with Tebis template technology. 

    HFC milling

    HFC tools allow you to achieve high machining rates at high feed rates. Tebis calculates the residual stock with absolute precision: The maximum amount of possible material is removed. HFC tools can therefore be used optimally with Tebis, not only for roughing but also for prefinishing. 

    3D laser cutting

    You can quickly and easily calculate collision-checked NC programs for 3D laser cutting with Tebis. You can use these to cut your sheet-metal parts no matter how complex the geometry. Offline programmingletsyou avoid tedious teach-in andunproductive use of the machine.

    Laser hardening

    You can easily create NC programs for laser hardening systems with Tebis. This specific hardening of highly-stressed areas of steel and cast steel parts doesn’t typically require any re-machining. This lets you finish-machine the components in the unhardened state in single-part production in mold, die or machine manufacturing. 

    Laser weld cladding

    You can create NC programs for laser weld cladding systems with Tebis. This enables a targeted application of coatings in modified areas with essentially no distortion. You can quickly and easily repair areas, apply material to modified areas and refine component areas.

    In-process measurement

    Establish the necessary process reliability during unattended late shifts and night shifts with automatic checking and correction of part orientation and blank dimensions. This lets you make the best possible use of highly automated machine centers.


    Services – the complete package

    We offer far more than just a software: our goal is to ensure that you are just as pleased with our solutions as we are. Our customers are well looked after with the service contract and prize our targeted training courses. And we aren't happy until you get the most out of Tebis: we also support you in implementing the new solutions on site – perfectly matched to your company's individual requirements.

    Tebis software services for your every need

    Our application experts can train your users and support you through our hotline.

    We digitalize both your manufacturing environment and your manufacturing knowledge and guide you through the digital transition.

    Regular updates for your Tebis software are included in the license.

    Digital manufacturing environment

    We prepare exact virtual models of your manufacturing environment. This way your Tebis installation knows all about your machines, tools, units and controls. The flow of information from design to manufacturing is transparent, and this provides a solid foundation for further automation.

    Digital order processing

    Projects are easier to manage if your processes are clearly defined and are available to everyone in a single system. The ProLeiS MES software lets you digitally plan, control and evaluate all technical, organizational and logistical processes, from the initial inquiry to the finished product.


    We teach your employees how to use the software and present the latest developments in training programs and webinars. After a training course, you’ll be able to meet targets faster and work more flexibly.


    Consulting – management and process consulting

    Deadline pressure, complex parts, price competition, fluctuating order quantities and the lack of qualified personnel – many companies are currently confronted with these challenges. We help you to critically assess and improve your processes. What sets us apart: Not only do our consultants have outstanding consulting expertise, they also know the manufacturing industry inside-out – as can be seen from over 250 successful projects and awards such as the "Best of Consulting Mittelstand 2018" or the official quality seal of "TOP CONSULTANT 2017".

    Tebis Consulting

    Awarded again: "Best of Consulting Mittelstand 2022" from WirtschaftsWoche for a customer project.

    Would a critical evaluation of management issues help you optimize processes?

    Our consultants have firsthand experience and a high degree of expertise in the manufacturing industry.

    Process consulting

    We support you in reducing your project processing time and expenditure for individual work steps. We work together to improve the flow of information, the processes in NC programming and the productivity of your machines.

    Management consulting

    We develop new strategies to keep your company competitive into the future. We work together to set realistic entrepreneurial goals, identify individual measures and strategies, improve project management and find new ways to motivate your employees.

    Our consulting approach

    Tebis has developed aprocedure specific to the industry that has led to success in hundreds of projects. It’s always tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.
    We develop realistic solution approaches and work with you to implement the resulting concept.


    For everyone who wants to learn more

    Technical articles, interviews, white papers ...

    Challenges in Sheet Metal Draw Die Manufacturing

    No more visible edges or steps in the die surface: Tebis active surface preparation includes compensation of sheet metal thinning, incorporation of pressure surfaces and free design of negative radii. Specialized functions enable programming without virtual wall thicknesses.

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    Gut feeling meets data

    Diedrich Diedrichsen, managing partner of Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, on successful process changes in the company.

    Diedrich Diedrichsen, Managing partner

    Heinz Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG, Preußisch Oldendorf, Germany

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    Tebis white paper: Evolution in sheet-metal forming

    Tebis has developed functioning software-supported processes specifically for die manufacturing to enable the production of top-quality class-A surfaces and to automate manufacturing of small parts. Both processes verifiably reduce manufacturing expenditure, thanks to standardization and the integration of individual manufacturing knowledge. 

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    Committed to education

    Tebis is involved with many educational and research institutions for training young people. Many training centers use Tebis systems. The student version provides optimal access to the Tebis CAD/CAM world for students.

    Would you like to learn more?

    Contact us for an individual offer.