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    Tebis's stated goal is to support customers in their processes as effectively as possible. Tebis Software and Services are designed to meet this goal. You can read in white papers how Tebis helps to optimize the procedures and process steps in companies in the die, model and mold manufacturing industry.

    It’s showtime, baby!

    As part of our presence at the EMO 2023 tradeshow, we worked with DMG MORI to manufacture a part in which a CAD/CAM application was used for end-to-end programming of turning and milling.

    Detecting and preventing collisions: The earlier the better
    Machine damage worst-case scenario: A collision between the machine head and the part, the tool and clamping devices or the spindle and machine table can be an expensive mistake. There are a number of approaches for successfully detecting and preventing collisions in advance. If the right method is used, undesired downtime can be almost completely eliminated.
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    Surface quality: Mirror-finishing or polishing?
    When the focus is on precision and the surface
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    How production machining experts manufacture up to 95 percent faster
    Seven stations in the manufacturing process that can be quickly and easily automated with an end-to-end CAD/CAM software application
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    One CAM system to meet every need
    High-quality results, automated processes, efficient work procedures and maximum safety in manufacturing – the demands on modern CAM systems are high. Constantly changing market requirements and technical innovations require continuous adaptation of the software. As market consolidation continues, that is not always a given. So what is a CAM system at present and what parts are important?
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    5-axis simultaneous milling – is it worth it?

    Many die, mold and machine manufacturers prefer to manufacture using fixed positioned axes. They tend to cast a more critical eye on multi-sided machining. Are these warranted concerns?

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    Manufacturing more efficiently with modern high-performance tools

    You want faster roughing and finishing? And not only 5, 10, 15 or 20 percent faster, but even faster than that?

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    Challenges in Sheet Metal Draw Die Manufacturing

    No more visible edges or steps in the die surface: Tebis active surface preparation includes compensation of sheet metal thinning, incorporation of pressure surfaces and free design of negative radii. Specialized functions enable programming without virtual wall thicknesses.

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    Tebis simulation technologies: No compromises

    Without process libraries, it would be impossible to program with digital twins in the virtual Tebis world. The machine library alone includes over 1,400 virtual models in 4,700 variants. And there is no tool that cannot be represented in the Tebis tool library.

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    More clarity in manufacturing

    A revolution in manufacturing

    The requirements for single part and small series manufacturing in production machining and systems manufacturing are continuously increasing

    Tebis white paper: Evolution in sheet-metal forming

    Tebis has developed functioning software-supported processes specifically for die manufacturing to enable the production of top-quality class-A surfaces and to automate manufacturing of small parts. Both processes verifiably reduce manufacturing expenditure, thanks to standardization and the integration of individual manufacturing knowledge. 

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    Tebis White Paper CIMdata

    American consulting and market research company CIMdata prepared the white paper on Tebis manufacturing solutions and company strategy. CIMdata's independent market researchers specialize in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) systems. One associated area of application is CAD/CAM in manufacturing, Tebis's area of expertise. Read a summary of the paper here.

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