CAQ software

    For quality and processes with no reworking

    Quality control using Tebis CAQ software has many elements. It allows you to cover the broad range from manually guided measurement and operating CNC-controlled measuring machines to automatic testing in the machine center and the correction of key process parameters. Your processes simultaneously benefit from a big advantage: All tasks are completed with the same data model. This enables you to prevent different data versions and problems with interfaces. And your users always work in the same system. This standardized operation simplifies the learning curve and helps prevent errors. This is how Tebis CAQ software safeguards your manufacturing results.

    Quality checks safeguard manufacturing results
    One data set, one system – reliable measurements
    Maximum utilization of highly automated machine centers
    Quality control

    The end-to-end Tebis solution lets you check any part right after manufacturing. Whether you want to measure your parts using NC control on milling and measuring machines or do it manually – Tebis provides you with all the necessary functions. Manufacture quality. Right from the start.

    In-process measurement

    Establish the necessary process reliability during unattended late shifts and night shifts with automatic checking and correction of part orientation and blank dimensions. This lets you make the best possible use of highly automated machine centers.