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    Artigos de opinião sobre o software Tebis e tendências da indústria. Partilha de conhecimentos técnicos e de melhores práticas que assegurem a aplicação otimizada das mais recentes tecnologias de produção, digitalização, automatização, planeamento e gestão da produção e muito mais. 

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    Handwerker sitzt auf einem Baum und zersägt freudig einen dicken Ast, auf dem er sitzt. Symbolbild für Fehler, die sich mit guter Planung vermeiden lassen.

    Avoid these 10 mistakes in manufacturing planning

    I'd like to take this opportunity to list some common mistakes in manufacturing planning and look at the causes of lost time. Experience has shown that some of them can be easily avoided. Download our list of errors as an information sheet to see where you can start.

    Improved deep drilling – 7 tips

    Reiner Schmidt – CAM Consultant

    Deep drilling has its pitfalls. It starts with the fact that tools on deep drilling machines usually have to be interchanged manually. Despite this, there are things you can do to optimize and even automate deep drilling as much as possible. In my recent customer visits, I´ve looked more closely to see where the most frequent problems lie in deep drilling and have put together some tips for you.

    More clarity in manufacturing

    Reiner Schmid - Head of product management

    We've all known for a long time that there is no way around digital solutions in die and mold manufacturing and production machining. But who can give us the big picture? What measures are actually right for my company? My colleagues and I got together this summer and put together an industry-specific guide. It shows you very specifically how you can make a well-planned start with digitalization – using your existing resources and with immediate success. 

    Why manufacturing projects aren’t often completed on time

    Katja Steiner – Sales Development

    In addition to price and quality, a die manufacturer is evaluated based largely on its delivery time. If it’s too long, there’s a risk of losing orders. Make sure this never happens: Take control of the causes of late delivery. We’ll show you how it’s done and what’s slowing down your processes.

    What makes a modern CAM system?

    Reiner Schmid - Head of Product Management

    High-quality results, automated processes, efficient work procedures and maximum safety in production – the demands on modern CAM systems are high. Constantly changing market requirements and technical innovations require continuous adaptation of the software. With continuing market consolidation, this is no easy task. So what actually makes a modern CAM system? 

    Not satisfied with milling results, even with an HSC machine?

    Fabian Jud – Product Manager

    It´s more than annoying when milling quality is worse than expected after finishing – especially when top-quality surfaces are required and have to be finished on a high-quality HSC milling machine. However, this usually has nothing to do with the HSC machine.. As I see it, there are a number of key adjustments that have to be made along the way to the "perfect" surface in order to achieve the best result. 

    Are your manufacturing data in the digital flow yet?

    Sebastian Stephan – ProLeiS Product Manager

    Although the fine-tuned "gut feelings" of experienced manufacturing employees often provided a critical advantage in the past, today decision-making principles derived from numbers and facts can help identify and eliminate weaknesses. You should start to ensure that your information flow is holistically organized – and that includes the flow of your manufacturing data. Why is the comprehensive organization of your data flow important? You can find out here. 

    5 razões para mudar para o Tebis 4.1

    Stefan Armbruster - Diretor dos Serviços de Implementação

    As versões 4.1 e 4.0 do Tebis agora estão juntas. O que permite haver maior automatização e mais funcionalidades. Na minha opinião - e a experiência tem confirmado - quanto mais trabalhamos com o Tebis 4.1, melhor percebemos as vantagens: trabalho significativamente mais estruturado e com maior rastreabilidade, alterações mais fáceis, rotinas automatizadas. O CAD e o CAM estão mais próximos, o que permite poupar muito tempo, além de tornar a formação de novos colaboradores ainda mais fácil.

    Manufacturing without the fear factor

    Markus Rausch – Tebis Consultant

    Collisions on the machine are a nightmare. But collision checking isn’t just about collisions. The subject of "time" also plays an important role. Many die and mold manufacturers that I currently visit as a Tebis consultant still rely on workarounds that are admittedly resourceful. This blog post tells you what they are and how to get control over these time wasters. 

    Automatização a meio? Tente remar só com um remo.

    Muitas empresas de pequena e média dimensão já têm os seus processos de CAD/CAM automatizados, porém as operações ainda têm margem para melhoria. Isto porque a automatização não foi implementada de forma consistente e completa – e podem ter as suas razões para tal. Porém, como resultado, perde-se o impulso e a capacidade. Não sendo a situação mais favorável.

    Turn-milling: High-class machine = high-class result?

    So-called multi-channel lathes or turning-milling machines have been increasing in popularity for several years. These high-class machines also promise advantages in terms of small series and single-part manufacturing and stand for premium results.

    Consulting seminars for the manufacturing industry? Yes!

    Do you want to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing and include your team in this process? Take part in a seminar from Tebis Consulting!


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