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    The management seminars offered by Tebis Consulting help to identify new strategies and efficient and resource-saving solution approaches for your management tasks. If you’re a management or management trainee in business management, manufacturing or logistics, our seminars give you the knowledge you need to make your processes more efficient.

    The seminars are focused on practical requirements, provide much valuable information and are independent of the CAD/CAM and MES software implemented.

    All of the trainers are manufacturing consultants with Tebis Consulting. They have many years of experience in model, mold and die manufacturing and machine manufacturing and can respond individually to your questions and needs.

    The number of participants is limited to ensure the optimal transfer of knowledge.

    The seminar was very well presented by Tebis personnel. I really liked the sharing of direct personal experience during the implementation process. All of the advantages and disadvantages were thoroughly discussed. The seminar has helped us avoid errors in advance of the planning process.

    Reinhard van Eek, Work Preparation Manager, Hesse Thermoformung, Emmerich am Rhein

    I benefited from Tebis Consulting’s industry experience combined with the exchange of ideas with other companies in our industry.

    Jens Beuttenmüller, Beuttenmüller GmbH

    The seminar on setup time optimization was highly informative and practice-oriented. I especially appreciated the explanation of the entire implementation process for zero-point setup systems. The seminar was also presented without focusing on specific suppliers of zero-point setup systems.

    Wolfgang Häner, Berghoff GmbH & Co. KG

    The seminar "Personnel management and increasing efficiency" was very good. We came away with many new insights.

    Matthias Weible, Pfletschinger & Gauch Betriebs-GmbH

    The seminar "Continuous manufacturing" is concise. It had good presentations that were short and on the point.

    Werner Sixt, Steinbichler Optotechnik GmbH
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