Quality management as a competitive factor

    Learn from errors and improve processes

    Die manufacturing companies must position themselves on the market with competitive prices and constantly optimize their production. ProLeiS quality management helps you register faults that occur, assign them to a cause and correct them.


    You’ll continuously improve your processes with ProLeiS. You can document where faults have occurred, which allows you to determine what optimization measures you need to implement.

    With effective quality management, die manufacturing companies ensure their long-term competitiveness.

    Real-time fault reporting • Assignment to causes • Display the best corrective measure • Final costing 
    Continuous documentation • Systematic fault management • Optimize processes 
    Customized catalog of measures • Prevent known errors in planning  

    Automatically record faults 

    No more temporary fixes

    It's normal for mistakes to happen. Use errors as an opportunity to improve and let ProLeiS automatically register both large and small deviations from the optimum. It's often nearly impossible to record and track all faults and investigate their causes. But that’s different with ProLeiS: It stores templates for quality management. Recording and tracking is simple and takes virtually no time.

    ProLeiS automates fault management and does much of the work for you.

    Reporting and recording
    ProLeiS automatically reports faults from the manufacturing process. They’re then assigned directly to a project and an activity. Employees can respond quickly, clarify the incident and take action to resolve it. 

    Categorize and describe
    ProLeiS offers a selection menu for a variety of causes like "Machine" and "CAM program" and other categories. This allows faults to be assigned and described in detail with a single click. Employees supplement the incident with annotations, photos and other documents.

    Filter and review
    The many filter functions in ProLeiS give you a quick overview of all faults. You can filter for repeat causes within a project or more generally.

    Employee: Categorizes the fault more precisely during recording in ProLeiS.
    Team leader: Has an overview of all information on faults, problems and the associated measures.

    Recognize causes and correct faults

    Faults have a high value

    Faults can have many causes, but they’re often not determined and documented in detail. Causes of tool breakage, errors in required data, in the material or in the process flow must be determined when they occur. This is the only way to derive their value and enable you to sustainably improve your processes. 

    ProLeiS supports you in identifying causes.

    ProLeiS uses the categorized errors as the basis for its analyses. You can also detect less obvious causes of faults, because ProLeiS identifies recurring faults. ProLeiS provides purely statistical analyses of faults without causes that can be determined in greater detail.

    Once the errors or the system they occur in have been identified, you can initiate the appropriate and specific corrective measures. ProLeiS generates additional planning processes for this purpose: for example, for repairing damage. These planning processes are assigned to the project so that the resulting effort required can always be determined.

    Track the status of the initiated measures and document successes. ProLeiS closes the problem when the cause of the fault has been successfully corrected. A catalog of measures that includes evaluation and duration is simultaneously created in ProLeiS.

    Preventive quality management

    Today's mistakes are tomorrow's successes

    While the focus is usually only on direct quality assurance from day to day, ProLeiS enables you to also focus on sustainability. Over time, you’ll continue to optimize your manufacturing processes and minimize testing and correction expenditures – in other words, you’ll manufacture more efficiently.

    ProLeiS is constantly learning and initiating appropriate measures. 

    Final costing 
    ProLeiS allows you to evaluate documented faults, categories and causes over the long term. Whether the fault is in the part, process or machine – you’ll initiate a variety of queries that may be order-specific, tool-specific or by suppliers. The additional costs and time required for troubleshooting are automatically recorded and are indicated in thefinal costing. 

    A catalog of measures for addressing faults is created in the ProLeiS environment. Employees find helpful measures they can access. They can link the measures so that ProLeiS will output them again in the event of recurring errors.

    The costs recorded for fault correction are displayed in the final costing.

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    Document management – Standards for overview

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