Software modules for CAD/CAM and MES

    For your design and manufacturing, manufacturing planning and manufacturing documents

    Our range of software encompasses Tebis CAD/CAM software and ProLeiS MES software. Both applications were developed by Tebis. Both are modular in structure and are integrated with each other.

    • Tebis CAD/CAM industry packages in a variety of versions
    • Many add-ons from the categories of design, manufacturing, manufacturing preparation, NC automation, NC safety, NC efficiency and quality assurance
    • Process libraries for storing your own manufacturing environment and your own manufacturing knowledge
    • ProLeiS Base with stored employees and machine resources
    • ProLeiS module groups for pre-planning, production planning and document management Supplemental modules for operating data, logistics, ERP and PDM coupling as well as quality management
    • A variety of licensing and financing models 


    We regularly inform our customers of new features and upgrades in our software in newsletters, via the Customer Community and in printed brochures that you can download here. 

    CAD/CAM products

    Our industry and special packages are preconfigured for the model, mold and die manufacturing, industrial design and machine manufacturing industries and for workplaces with special tasks like laser cutting and trimming. The packages are available in a variety of price/performance levels: Select an industry or special package and add to it to achieve precisely what is needed.

    ProLeiS: The MES supplement for Tebis

    Effectively plan, control and evaluate single-part manufacturing. In conjunction with ProLeiS, Tebis offers you comprehensive data management, manufacturing planning and manufacturing control functions with which you can effectively plan and control the procurement and production of all individual parts of sheet-metal forming dies and injection molds – from the offer to the finished product.

    Tebis Version 4.0 Release 8

    Version 4.0 Release 8 offers many new and improved functions such as indexed collision avoidance, the extended machine unit library, the simplified feature scanner, improved 5-axis simultaneous avoidance milling, convenient machine simulation and much more. There have also been updates in CAD: Reverse engineering is now easier and faster with more automation. 

    Tebis Version 4.0 Release 7

    In May 2019, we once again expanded our portfolio of powerful functions for 5-axis simultaneous milling.

    But the latest release offers still more:

    There have also been changes in surface quality and user-friendliness.

    See for yourself by reviewing the most important new features.

    Free of charge: Tebis Browser

    Customers use the Tebis Browser – our free 3D data viewer for Tebis CAD model files– for communication within their companies and with suppliers. It can be downloaded from this website.

    Download the Tebis Browser
    System requirements and hardware recommendations

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