What does MES software do?

    An MES (manufacturing execution system) is a software system that digitally models the entire order flow of a manufacturing company, including all business, technical and organizational processes. The manufacturing process involves many specialists, machines and suppliers who need to collaborate in a coordinated manner in order to stay within budget while also ensuring quality and on-time delivery. The MES provides the software platform to achieve this. The positive effects are as far-reaching and as individual as your own company.

    What is ProLeiS?

    As an overall system, ProLeiS promotes the digital transformation in die manufacturing and is specifically oriented to single-part manufacturing. The open integration platform networks all the systems, machines, departments and processes required to produce a resource. ProLeiS thereby establishes an end-to-end and expandable foundation for Industry 4.0. 

    The process control system addresses all corporate levels of a die manufacturing company and its value chain. Everyone works in a single system with the data that is relevant for them. 

    Medium-sized die and mold manufacturing companies use ProLeiS to flexibly plan, control and evaluate their business, technical and organizational processes. This results in complete transparency in manufacturing and productivity.

    A manufacturing project goes through many departments and stations with different participants along the way from inquiry to final delivery. MES ProLeiS networks it all. The software provides the participants with exactly the information they need for their tasks on a server. Processes can be optimized along the entire value creation chain based on evaluations.

    "ProLeiS lets us manage our project data and plan production completely, from design to assembly. Continuous updating of the control center in ProLeiS provides significant advantages for us as well as our customers. We utilize our resources optimally and therefore manufacture with very precise, on-time delivery. We also benefit from consistency in commercial and technical data."

    Work preparation personnel at Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG, Dietfurt, Germany

    What’s the benefit of ProLeiS?

    ProLeiS MES enables die manufacturing companies to improve their manufacturing processes and increase production capacity. New, more sophisticated forms of collaboration result between employees, customers and partners.

    Efficient planning, management and implementation of manufacturing orders structure, connect and accelerate processes of all types. Capacities, resources, deadlines and processes are always under full control. The new precision of production planning and control ensures reliable processes and on-time results with the highest die quality.

    With full integration in the operational infrastructure, ProLeiS determines key performance indicators that die manufacturing companies urgently need to control their increasingly complex processes. This data can be used to monitor productivity, efficiency and output and to reveal potential for improvement. Once this potential is realized, you can use the time and financial resources gained for more projects and innovation. ProLeiS pays for itself after just a short time.

    What can ProLeiS do?

    The software is based on a fast and flexible integration strategy in the existing infrastructure. At the same time, ProLeiS MES is highly customizable: It provides many functions and templates for automated and optimally structured processes inmanagement, design and manufacturing. The software is modular and can be extended as needed.

    ProLeiS provides a user-friendly app concept that can be configured for individual users. All apps can be used on the workstation with no further installation. Users work in a single system that transparently merges data from various sources in real time and determines key performance indicators. These are clearly displayed on management dashboards.


    The objective of pre-planning is to plan inquiries about capacity and potential deadline conflicts as precisely as possible in advance. This provides automatic capacity alignment with existing production planning.

    The objective of manufacturing planning is to plan manufacturing orders in the greatest possible detail in alignment with existing resources and scheduled deadlines. This enables flexible management of any problems that may arise. Detailed planning is automatic and is based on bills of materials. External services can be planned and controlled in the same way as internal logistics.


    The task of ProLeiS manufacturing control is to process all scheduled manufacturing orders as efficiently as possible within the specified deadline limits and using existing resources. The MES controls implementation, incorporating feedback from production 

    ProLeiS provides extremely flexible control: Short-term changes and unexpected outages can be quickly and optimally rescheduled. Stored roles and access privileges ensure that every user knows their tasks and can complete them in the correct order. They see only the current data that are relevant for them. A straightforward release concept regulates communication and ensures reliable processes. .


    ProLeiS makes evaluations and key performance indicators visible at a glance for optimization and the future orientation of the company. Management dashboards provide the most important information in clear statistics and diagrams.

    ProLeiS evaluates all technical and organizational operating data from the company. The software processes the flood of data from manufacturing and the organization and compresses it to produce relevant information. You quickly receive meaningful key performance indicators from individual projects, departments and machines. Examples of data from ProLeiS:

    • Machine productivity
    • Error rate per tool, per unit time, per tryout
    • Budget deviations 
    • On-time delivery
    • Order scope
    Double the productivity with Tebis and ProLeiS

    "With the help of Tebis and ProLeiS, our machines are now operating at 90% capacity. We now need only three to four weeks for machining operations that used to take six to eight weeks." 

    Rolf Hädicke, Managing director

    PS-Prototypenschmiede GmbH, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany

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    Why precise manufacturing planning is worthwhile

    Companies that plan single part manufacturing based on a bill of materials ensure a high degree of accuracy. A detailed overview and clear workflows simplify manufacturing control. The results: fewer errors, faster processing and greater flexibility. ProLeiS MES provides greater transparency and optimized organization.

    Keep a handle on production with key performance indicators

    ProLeiS collects your machine data and compresses them into relevant production information. Combined with data from the organization, you can quickly obtain KPIs for the entire company. Dashboards keep you focused on what's important for your business.

    Learn from mistakes – quality management

    Only companies that recognize and track errors and faults can permanently eliminate them. ProLeiS automates the registration of faults in the manufacturing process and helps you implement measures for improvement. This allows you to eliminate weak points and reduce your risk.

    Do you have questions about ProLeiS MES?

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