CNC drilling and mill drilling

    Faster than on the machine: Program simple and complex bores offline

    You can use Tebis to program all bores – including centering, countersinking, reaming, thread cutting, thread milling and milling fittings – right at your CAM workstation instead of on the control. Separate control cycles can also be represented in the software.

    You can generate standardized NC programs using templates and Tebis feature technology: a perfect introduction to automated manufacturing. Features are geometry templates for standardized manufacturing objects like bores, fittings, planar surfaces and pockets that are linked to an appropriate manufacturing sequence. You can also easily transfer the features from other design systems via direct interfaces. As an alternative, the geometries for CNC drilling can be programmed without automation using individual functions. Protected surfaces are considered for the shortest possible traverse paths. 

    Another advantage: You can simply import 2D geometries into Tebis based on drawings.

    An end-to-end system
    From simple drilling to complete multi-sided machining with short traverse paths
    Easily automated
    The same standards for all with high flexibility

    CNC drilling

    Tebis has all the functions you needfor CNC drilling, chip breaking and chip removal, machining countersinks, reaming and boring fittings and for drilling and milling threads. Multi-sided complete machining is possible within a single NC program, including collision checking and optimized retracts.

    CNC mill drilling

    The functions for mill drilling are precisely matched to all bore types and circular pockets. Drilling and mill drilling operations are easily combined: For example, you can quickly predrill and then machine the remaining material by milling. These geometries can be machined on spiral or helical paths for longer tool life.

    Back machining

    All functions for CNC drilling and CNC mill drilling are also available for back boring and back drill milling. This enables parts to be completed in a single set up. 

    What our customers are saying about drilling operations in Tebis

    From zero to Tebis

    "From our first introduction to CNC manufacturing to our collaboration that has lasted many years, we have had nothing but good experiences with Tebis Software and Services."

    Tobias Theven, Head of CNC machining and foreman

    Theven Modell- und Formenbau; Schwalmtal, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

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    Century Tool and Tebis combine for weight and speed

    "Programming 3+2 milling is substantially easier in Tebis than the other softwares we have seen. The guys here claim they would never program with the other software again if they do not have to."

    Mickey Guckian, CAD/CAM-Manager

    Century Tool & Gage, Fenton, Michigan USA

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    CNC programming

    Tebis CNC programming greatly reduces programming and setup time in the overall process chain. Tebis combines speed, reliability and a high degree of automation with the greatest possible flexibility. The portfolio includes industry-specific solutions for all areas, including 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis machining.

    CNC automation
    Tebis Automill® evaluates the digital CAD part model and accesses a previously stored structure of digital representations of the company's manufacturing environment and the manufacturing knowledge stored in templates to calculate the NC programs.
    Deep-hole drilling

    Tebis offers an automated, reliable and complete solution for deep-hole drilling that you can use to achieve excellent high cutting performance. You can also benefit from functions such as automatic detection of spot facings or sorting and grouping of features by tilt direction and machining sequence.

    2.5D milling

    Prismatic machining can be completely automated based on individual process libraries using Tebis template technology. Programming on the machine is eliminated and NC programming at the Tebis workstation is simple.