Benefits of Tebis 4.1

    With version 4.1, Tebis is now a complete end-to-end parametric/associative CAD/CAM system with which all manufacturing preparation and design tasks and CAM programming can be performed seamlessly in a single, highly automated system  

    A true highlight is the new user guidance in CAM programming, which was improved in close collaboration with Tebis users. It’s consistently oriented to the logical work methods of the CAM programmer. The revised structure tree always gives you a clear overview: You can view CAD elements and immediately access all CAM information. 

    The proven Tebis process libraries are completed with the new clamping device libraryYou can save your entire manufacturing environment, manufacturing knowledge, and design expertise in the virtual Tebis world. In combination with ProLeiS MES, all processes from planning to manufacturing can now be nearly seamlessly automated and standardized.

    Learn more:

    • Parametric/associative system basis and solid kernel
    • Simple and intuitive user guidance
    • Automation and standardization of processes
    • Overview of other new CAM features
    • Discussions with Tebis experts
    • Our introductory campaign for 4.1
    • Webinars for Tebis 4.1
    Robust hybrid CAD system
    Manufacturing-based parametric/associative design and data preparation • Combines surface and solid technology
    Logical and intuitive
    Clear and simple user guidance • A quick result with just a few clicks
    Automate manufacturing processes
    Detailed representation of the real manufacturing environment, including clamping devices • Closely intermeshed with MES technology
    Instead of four minutes, I know only need one minute to position a dial indicator support on a test gauge. Adding up the tasks, this means: What used to take me a day and a half of work now takes just four hours.
    Johannes Grosch, managing director at Johannes Grosch CAD/CAM-Dienstleistungen
    Our initial impression of the Tebis prototype is completely positive: If we change engravings or parts, we can now achieve our goal faster. For example, we can now reduce radii with a few clicks without having to extend the surfaces again. Another advantage is that 2D contours can be easily created using the "Sketch" function. This also enables us to quickly modify the 3D geometries derived from them.
    Andreas Kaltefleiter, head of CAD/CAM and machining, Schürfeld Umformtechnik GmbH, Germany

    Parametric/associative system base and solid kernel

    The new parametric/associative system base is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern manufacturing companies. In plain language, this means that it’s exactly the right choice for all companies that have to quickly and reliably design or prepare variants of the same part, that repeatedly receive similar input data from their customers or that frequently have to deal with subsequent changes in data sets

    What the new system base has to offer:

    • Robust hybrid CAD system combines surface and solid technology
    • Design for ease of modification
    • Prepare and quickly modify data standardized for the CAM process
    • Easily perform repetitive tasks and save time with CAD templates
    • Quickly and flexibly position clamping devices
    • Integrated electrode design as the basis for the automated electrode process

    Simple and intuitive user guidance

    Complex doesn’t mean complicated: Demands on manufacturing companies are continuously increasing. It’s all the more important that the CAD/CAM software provide the right solution for all manufacturing tasks and is simultaneously simple and intuitive to use – like Tebis 4.1. 

    What the new user interface has to offer

    • Quickly find information in the new structure tree
    • Job Manager and NCJob technology: A complete NC program in just a few clicks
    • Browser Touch for fast coordination with team and customers

    Automation and standardization of processes

    Tebis 4.1 lays the foundation for standardized and automated processes. CAD and CAM are closely intermeshed with ProLeiS MES technology – you can plan, manage and control your manufacturing projects with absolute precision using MES technology. 
    An important basic prerequisite for automation is that NC operations can be planned, simulated and verified end-to-end with digital twins. The virtual clamping device library of Tebis 4.1 puts you in change of all clamping situations on the real machine right from the start. 

    What the new clamping device library has to offer

    • Create and manage clamping elements and clamping device assemblies
    • Integration of external clamping device libraries
    • Quickly adapt clamping situation to the specific manufacturing task
    • Simple positioning
    • Automated plausibility checking
    • Set up machine

    Overview of other new CAM features

    Last but not least: Tebis 4.1 also has more functions to offer to simplify your daily work.

    Useful new features and extensions  
    • Drilling in sections for automated multi-step drilling
    • Quickly and easily change the machining sequence in the event of feature overlaps
    • Transform toolpaths for reliable processing without recalculation
    • Prevent residual stock areas in roughing

    Discussions with Tebis experts

    These experts have had a decisive influence on "the new Tebis" from the very start. Read what they have to say.

    The new Tebis

    Optimized for manufacturing: Completely taken apart, outdated parts discarded, proven features retained, many improvements, new features added: Peter Obermaier, who’s primarily responsible for the overall coordination of Version 4.1, talks about the background and objectives.

    Read full interview
    CAD in flux

    Parametric design, associative technology, surface versus solid technology: Dr. Stephan Franz, head of the development team for design technologies, explains what this means in detail and what it means for Tebis.

    Read full interview
    Rethinking CAM

    Step-by-step to the perfect NC program: What Dr. Wolfgang Schinke, Head of Development for CAM technologies, has to say about the clear and simple user guidance in 4.1 is interesting not just for Tebis users but also for everyone who’s searching for logical and user-friendly software.  

    Read full interview

    Webinars for Tebis 4.1 Release 1

    Tebis 4.1: Parametrisch-assoziative Systembasis

    Anhand konkreter Praxisbeispiele zeigen wir Ihnen, wie einfach und änderungsfreundlich Konstruktion und Datenaufbereitung mit der neuen parametrisch-assoziativen Systembasis sind.

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