Multiple setup

    Save time with automated machining of multiple parts together

    Tebis lets you separate NC programming and setup planning with multiple setups. NC programming and machining can be done independently in terms of time and organization. Do you use grid plates, tombstones or multi-changers, or do you simply cover your large machine table with multiple parts? With Tebis, all situations are under control and you’ll optimally utilize your machines. All parts and clamping devices are protected from collisions. The previously calculated toolpaths are resorted to achieve the shortest possible paths and the fewest possible tool changes. And changes to the geometry are no problem – even just prior to manufacturing. Define your multiple setups with no programming knowledge.

    Separate programming of single parts from manufacturing in terms of time and organization • The machine operator subsequently optimizes the complete machining as necessary
    Fully utilize the work area thanks to optimal setup of multiple parts • Shorter machine setup time by using clamping systems
    Setup and machining time for changes are eliminated – released components are set up shortly before machining
    Manufacturing templates minimize programming errors and accelerate job planning


    Multiple setup in the small parts process

    With just a few mouse clicks, multiple programmed parts are loaded, positioned on the clamping system and processed together, sorted by tools. The entire process is completely collision-checked with the realistic digital twins in the Tebis simulator. 

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    Multiple setup helps improve machine utilization


    Setup planning

    No matter what parts are subsequently machined simultaneously, your experts use proven methods to program individual trim and coining steels, electrodes, series production parts or any other parts – supported by Tebis NC automation.

    The individual parts aren’t combined in a setup until shortly before machining. In the graphical display, the correct orientation is quickly found, or the part is positioned at the part zero point determined on the machine. You can load tombstones and grid plates or use the entire table on your gantry milling machine. The clamping situation and clamping elements are all under control.

    Position parts on a grid plate for combined machining

    Tools and zero points

    For extremely high precision requirements, each part in the multiple setup can be assigned a separate zero point.

    Sort the toolpaths according to your needs – for fast machining by tool or by part when a high degree of accuracy is required in the machining area – and link the individually-programmed toolpaths with an NC program. The overview of the required tooling configuration is automatically generated. You can also use multiple zero points if you need to operate with extremely high precision, or if you have long travel distances on your machine or long machining times.

    Flexible and reliable

    Is there a change in a part shortly before the start of manufacturing? The modified part program is updated with the click of a button, and your process stays right on time. Do you have radius corrections, for example, for trim and coining steel manufacturing? Simply reload the part program – your NC programmers can continue working without a hitch. The Tebis Simulator also lets you completely check all machine movements for collisions, thereby ruling out any final uncertainties.

    Use the knowledge and experience of your machine operators for setup planning. The critical advantage is that NC programming is chronologically separate from and independent of machining. This ensures consistent processing of your components.

    Each of these 16 different medallions will be manufactured in a multiple setup at the Tebis Open House as souvenirs for our visitors.

    Customer response

    What our customers are saying about multiple setup:

    Bringing productivity up to speed

    "Multiple setup with Tebis means truly maximized machining capacity." 

    Paul Kelly,Head of Design Model Operations department

    Jaguar Land Rover, Whitley, Coventry, UK

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    Tebis process solutions at Volkswagen

    "Even if just one pressure area was overlooked in the process, the correction cost us up to 10,000 Euros. Today, for example, we install dies for doors that we previously had to rework directly in the press for roughly 160 hours"

    Roland Schöbel, Head of machining

    Die manufacturing Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, Germany

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    Additional information

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