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    Social responsibility

    Social responsibility is a top priority at Tebis. It is an integral part of our mission, and something we put into practice every day in our corporate culture. "We are fully committed to the community," says Bernhard Rindfleisch, Chairman of the Board of Tebis AG. Tebis ensures a healthy work/life balance and creates secure jobs for its employees. 

    Tebis is also involved in social and cultural activities and encourages the personal commitment of its employees. Regularly and at least once a year, Tebis supports regional and international social projects.

    Donations rather than gifts

    In the 2022 holiday season, Tebis is once again taking up the "Donations rather than gifts" holiday campaign.

    This year, we are supporting six regional projects and one international project with donations instead of sending holiday gifts to customers and partners. We are certain that this will be appreciated by all. The projects we are supporting were selected by Tebis employees at the head office in Martinsried, Germany and at the subsidiaries in Germany.

    Those responsible are in personal contact with the organizations, are independently organizing the necessary measures and are working passionately to implement them.

    "We are extremely grateful for the generous involvement of our employees"

    Bernhard Rindfleisch, Tebis AG Chairman of the Board

    Tebis is supporting the following institutions and projects in its 2022 "Donations rather than gifts" program:

    Ein ❤ für Rentner e.V.
    More and more elderly people are suffering from poverty and loneliness. This association enables them to regain a social life even if their retirement pay is insufficient to cover minimal needs.
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    Refugio München

    The art workshop of Refugio offers creative and art educational vacation programs in the community accommodations for children aged 6 - 13 years with refugee backgrounds.

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    Pro Göncruszka association, Zurich
    The Pro Göncruszka association in Zurich provides assistance for integration and support projects involving school, kindergarten and the community in the community of Göncruszka in north-eastern Hungary.
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    Hannover Volunteer Center

    This year as well, no child should go away empty-handed. Tebis supports the Hannover Volunteer Center in fulfilling the Christmas wishes of children from troubled city districts.

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    MitMenschlichkeit foundation, Hamburg
    Support for two important projects financed entirely by donations: Midwife consultation and children in mourning
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    LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V.
    Since 2003, LichtBlick Seniorenhilfe e.V. has been helping seniors whose pensions are insufficient for a life of dignity and participation in society.
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    Meals for Children, Göppingen
    The Bündnis für Familie Göppingen e.V. provides free lunches on site at the SOS aid center for children and young people, especially from families afflicted by poverty, financed entirely by donations.
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