Our principles

    Our vision, our mission

    It provides us with orientation, determines our actions and inspires Tebis as a whole. Our principles are the foundation for our corporate culture and form the framework for our strategies, objectives and activities.
    Because Tebis is growing. We are growing our markets in Asia and the USA and are acquiring customers in new industries. We are developing demand-oriented industry packages for our customers and strengthening our position in the market for models, molds and dies.

    We are positioning ourselves as a supplier of processes, boosting our innovative power, accelerating the time-to-market of new products and promoting the responsibility, motivation and creativity of our employees to consistently focus on the main goal of Tebis: maximizing customer benefit. 

    Our Vision

    Tebis is growing into a high-quality global brand for creative engineering. We deliver end-to-end software solutions and highly efficient processes for the development, design and manufacturing of models, molds and dies, and components.

    We are a reliable and responsible partner to our customers, providing superior technology and a competitive advantage by simplifying operations for greater productivity.

    Our Mission

    We are bold trendsetters, bringing expertise and innovation to the manufacturing of models, molds and dies, and components.

    We are dedicated partners to our customers, helping them compete more effectively around the world. We bear social responsibility for our society and employees. We provide secure careers and open up better prospects for life that motivate and create a sense of accomplishment.