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    More knowledge – your key to success

    Our training courses are an important step in ensuring that you’re optimizing the use of our CAD/CAM and MES solutions: After a training course, your employees will be able to meet targets faster, avoid errors and work more flexibly. This enables you to make the best use of your resources.

    We support you with comprehensive training programs to keep your and your employees' knowledge up to date. The Tebis training concept is modular and is divided into standard and advanced courses for design engineers, NC programmers and key users. We also offer training courses on special manufacturing methods and for version updates. Participants learn about Tebis and its functions and how to use them in a goal-oriented manner appropriate to the industry, technology and level of prior knowledge. We offer individual training courses for our ProLeiS MES software.

    We also regularly provide webinars and video tutorials covering current topics on our website.

    ** 4.1 Update Training** 
    → Tebis 4.1 Update Training Class 1

    → Tebis 4.1 Update Training Class 2

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    Online training courses

    NEW! You can now complete Tebis training courses online – live and at the same high quality. You can participate from your work office or remotely, all you need is a computer with internet access. No travel time, no accommodation costs - but complete and certified. Choose your personal online training course now!

    Tebis training courses

    We teach your employees how to use the software and present the latest developments in training programs and webinars. After a training course, you’ll be able to meet targets faster and work more flexibly.

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    The Tebis service and training programs are top-notch. Our employees are able to work optimally with the software.

    Max Lörzel, managing director of Schröter Modell- und Formenbau GmbH

    Tebis online training is very beneficial and can save you a lot of travel time and cost. The remote system ran smoothly throughout all three training days and customer specific parts and issues were addressed during the class. It's great that you can proceed with your daily business before and after the training session.

    Peter Kalenka, head of mold making / foam molding at Polipol PBV GmbH, Germany
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