MES manufacturing planning

    Why digital manufacturing planning?

    In die and mold manufacturing, the dies offered for the series production of sheet-metal and plastic parts are typically produced under extreme time pressure. Especially with increasing part complexity, bottlenecks and large order volumes, the manual planning effort assumes enormous proportions. To achieve high planning accuracy, production managers must have systematic support to keep an eye on all interfaces and dependencies. 

    It’s necessary to coordinate all the specialists, machines and suppliers involved in the manufacturing process and to manage material inventories and orders. Only if all the gears mesh perfectly can companies meet their cost, quality and deadline requirements

    ProLeiS MES, the software platform for mastering this process, individually supports each participant in planning, control and implementation. Employees are freed up and productivity increases. 

    Current information on status and progress • Employees know their tasks and deadlines • Processes are clearly specified 
    Accurately control manufacturing orders • Use templates • Coordinate all participants
    Quickly schedule changes on short notice • Simulate different possibilities • Automatically update subsequent processes

    Precise planning for sustainable on-time delivery

    High planning expenditures? Extensive searching for information? – Not with ProLeiS

    ProLeiS MES establishes an overview and clear structure. Just like in a planning sketch, an optimally structured process organization is created step by step. With ProLeiS, you can see all the information on the status and progress of a project and on each part being manufactured at any time.

    The MES software automatically coordinates complex factors like deadlines and resources. Processes are stored in ProLeiS as templates containing all your manufacturing knowledge.

    You can use project milestones in your project to define fixed deadlines and import the bill of materials. ProLeiS categorizes the individual parts in an assembly so that manufacturing can be planned automatically. With resource assignment in ProLeiS, you can optimally utilize all resources at the click of a button while simultaneously meeting all milestones.


    Automatically created Job Manager in ProLeiS: A Job Manager is created for the entire die by assembling templates. For example, work steps for a trim steel (marked in blue) are stored in the templates: Start with procurement and NC programming, followed by processing of the main assembly. 5-sided machining and form roughing can’t begin until calendar week 15.

    Significantly higher productivity is guaranteed to ensure a fast amortization of investments. ProLeiS more than meets these needs: With ProLeiS, we substantially increase our throughput thanks to optimized manufacturing planning and smooth data management.

    Dr. Louis Schneider, managing director of Schneider Form GmbH, Dettingen unter Teck, Germany

    Flexibly control manufacturing processes

    One thing is certain: The plan will change

    Production managers use the progress indicators in ProLeiS to accurately control processing of individual manufacturing orders. They can then take quick and appropriate action in the event of unforeseen events. Planning changes can be made by drag & drop in the Gantt chart; ProLeiS automatically adjusts the subsequent activities.

    Once the ideal production process is planned in ProLeiS, the employees know all tasks and deadlines. ProLeiS automatically displays the next tasks to be processed in the personal planning view for each employee based on the stored role assignment. This establishes transparency, frees up individual employees and accelerates routine tasks.

    release status: Automatically control work processes with a traffic light system

    Milestones indicate the starting point for subsequent operations that can also be processed in parallel. The overall process is divided into individual subtasks that follow in logical sequence. Red status: The operation cannot be started yet. Manufacturing status is at 0%.
    Once the "Design complete" milestone is reached with all operations, ProLeiS sets the subsequent operations to green status (released; all conditions for starting the next operation are fulfilled). The "Procurement" operation is reported as complete and "Rough processing" is assigned partial release. Because NC programming is still in processing, ProLeiS does not release the next step and sets its status to yellow (check previous operation). In some situations, the subsequent operation can be started after carefully checking, but it cannot be fully completed.
    The release conditions for the subsequent steps can be flexibly adapted to the specific requirements. ProLeiS automatically calculates production progress with each completion report. Once all tasks have been completed, ProLeiS sets the final milestone to "completed" status.

    Quickly catch unexpected outages

    Modifications: Quickly revise planning with ProLeiS

    Automatic capacity assignment gives you valuable support. You can plan short-term changes and simulate various possibilities coordinated with current ongoing manufacturing. Then you can activate the best variant with a mouse click and ProLeiS automatically updates the affected dependencies. Especially in single-part manufacturing, this is a crucial advantage to enable fast responses in daily business. Employee and machine assignment can be instantly changed. 

    You have all the important manufacturing information clearly displayed on your ProLeiS dashboard – and on mobile devices if desired. You always have your orders and lead times under control and in all locations. Because ProLeiS is a learning system, you will be better positioned for each new order.

    Automatic capacity assignment in ProLeiS optimally distributes the tasks to be performed to all resources, accounting for project milestones and current production. 

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    Convenient planning functions in ProLeiS

    Automatic capacity assignment

    Supports planning of employees and machines.

    Optimal scheduling of all planned activities and the best possible utilization of all resources is calculated across all projects and resources.

    At the click of a button: 

    • Assign existing tasks to resources
    • Have the sequence update automatically
    • Display any conflicts and an evaluation
    • Optimally utilize machines


    Icon Kapazitätsabgleich: Mensch steht vor Maschine und Computerbildschirm als Symbol für die einfache digitale Fertigungsplanung über alle Ressourcen hinweg.

    Integrate procurement

    Data for procurement processes can be integrated In ProLeiS – via an ERP system, if available. The bill of materials provides the manufacturing planner with information on required manufactured and purchased parts. The planner can initiate orders and transmit them to the ERP system. Order and delivery status are also integrated. This can be synchronized with the manufacturing process so that the first manufacturing step is automatically released after material receipt. 

    Icon: Einkaufswagen mit Plus vor Computerbildschirm als Symbol für Beschaffung und Abläufe integriert in der digitalen Fertigungsplanung.

    Clear overview of manufacturing information

    What you can see at a glance in ProLeiS:

    • Bill of materials with storage location and order status
    • Task list per resource and machine assignment plan
    • All project activities with production status
    • Assigned documents with preview 
    • All order and project information
    Icon: Lupe mit Auge vor Computerbildschirm als Symbol für mehr Überblick über Fertigungsabläufe mit der digitalen Fertigungsplanung
    Keep a handle on production with key performance indicators

    ProLeiS collects your machine data and compresses them into relevant production information. Combined with data from the organization, you can quickly obtain KPIs for the entire company. Dashboards keep you focused on what's important for your business.

    Accept the order, or better to reject it?

    A new order beckons: How can you structure your capacities to complete it on time? Automated pre-planning in ProLeiS MES gives you a quick answer. Check your capacities and resources and simulate the production load with the requested order. 

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