Software for efficient and reliable manufacturing processes

    Our software components for CAD/CAM, CAQ and MES support you in efficiently processing your manufacturing projects and in providing your customers with on-time deliveries at the highest quality. Companies in die, model and production machining can use the same software environment for their design and manufacturing technologies and protect their machines and workpieces from collisions.

    CAD software specialized for manufacturing 

    Easily creating, supplementing, modifying and optimizing CAD surface models Our function packages for manufacturing-oriented design tasks ensure big savings.

    CAM software for many manufacturing methods

    Tebis CAD-CAM software lets you quickly, easily and automatically create collision-free NC programs for many manufacturing methods – including drilling, milling, turning, turning/milling, robotic milling, trimming, sinker EDM, wire EDM, 3D laser cutting, laser hardening and laser weld cladding.

    CAQ software measuring on machines

    With CAQ software from Tebis, you can cover a broad range – from manually guided measurement and operating CNC-controlled measuring machines to automatic testing in the machine center and the correction of key process parameters.

    MES software for manufacturing management 

    ProLeiS MES software gives you a clear view of planned, ongoing and potential projects. With ProLeiS, you can plan and control your resources, deliver on time and evaluate order data. This lets you optimize your manufacturing processes and production capacity.



    Extendable to meet growing requirements

    Our range of software encompasses Tebis CAD/CAM software and ProLeiS MES software. Both applications were developed by Tebis. Both applications are modular and integrated together.

    • Our Tebis CAD/CAM software lets you design 3D CAD models in a wide range of manufacturing areas and calculate NC programs for your NC-controlled manufacturing.
    • Tebis supports machining, laser and EDM technologies
    • You can use our ProLeiS MES software to ensure that all components are completed on time and that you can deliver your products on schedule. It enables real-time monitoring and ad hoc evaluation of important production parameters like machine run times and errors in the production process.
    • Depending on your CAD/CAM process, you can extend your installation as needed for special design and manufacturing tasks.





    Your real manufacturing environment consisting of machines, tools and clamping devices, and your manufacturing knowledge proven in your company is stored digitally in Tebis process libraries. Digitalizing your processes generates process libraries for virtual machines (VM), postprocessors (PP), clamping devices (Clamp) and technology packages (TP). Our service teams will help you set up this environment. 

    Attractive licensing and financing models

    We offer a variety of licensing models for our customers. Tebis workstations can be licensed individually with your specific modules or in combination with floating individual modules. This allows them to be used by multiple users.

    We also offer several financing models that affect ongoing license costs.

    We provide regular updates to our software products for downloading.

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    Twelve key Tebis strengths

    You can keep all your machinery running smoothly with software from a single source. Whether it's 3- or 5-axis milling, drilling, turning, laser cutting, laser hardening, trimming, hammer peening or sinker and wire EDM, Tebis supports the entire spectrum. This single-system strategy makes the manufacturing process smoother, faster and more transparent.

    Tebis is especially appropriate for managing large or complex parts with enormous data volumes. Robust algorithms make preparation and programming a breeze, even for large parts and complex geometries. Highly complex parts are always completed on time.

    Tebis interfaces are truly first-class. You can efficiently exchange geometries with other CAD systems like CATIA, NX or SOLIDWORKS with no loss of data. Assemblies are automatically split into individual manufacturing files upon import, with automatic optimization of surface quality. The surface quality optimized in Tebis is also retained in the target system upon export via direct interfaces.

    NC-manufactured free-form surfaces are only as good as your CAD data. You can use the Tebis functions for designing, modeling, repairing, morphing and reverse engineering to give your CAD models the surface quality that meets your manufacturing requirements. On exterior surfaces, class-A quality is ensured.

    Specialized CAD functions let you integrate active surfaces with optimally prepared and precise surfaces in your dies. You can use automatic functions to create transition-free pressure surfaces as well as radius areas adjusted for the relevant pressing conditions. This lets you manufacture your dies without NC attributes like virtual sheet thicknesses and allowances. This results in a tremendous reduction in manual tryout work after NC machining.

    Specialized CAD functions allow NC programmers to conveniently prepare their manufacturing models for subsequent NC processes. This paves the way for automated NC programming and optimized surface quality.

    The Tebis NC algorithms have been continuously optimized over 30 years of development and ensure time-saving and effective processing on the machines, with minimized idle travel and maximized cutting performance. This also includes demanding technical support for HFC, HPC and circle-segment cutters for roughing, prefinishing and finishing. You can fully exploit the potential of these tools with special contact algorithms and path layouts with full-cut avoidance.

    Tebis process libraries reflect the real manufacturing environment. All tools, machines, clamping devices and units are saved there with their geometric and technical properties (digital twins).

    This gives NC programmers an advantage in reliability as they select the appropriate machines and tools in this virtual environment and define the optimal setup.

    Tebis detects collisions while calculating the NC paths and automatically prevents them by reducing milling areas and implementing 5-axis avoidance. Before processing, you can use the integrated machine simulation to check the entire operation for collisions and limit switch violations – to protect your valuable machines and parts.

    Tebis transfers the high quality of the CAD surfaces directly to the NC programs. That’s because the software calculates NC paths on the mathematically precise surfaces instead of on tesselated substitute models like polyhedra. Finish quality can also be influenced by adjustable NC point distributions. This makes time-consuming manual reworking unnecessary in most cases.

    In addition to 3- to 5-axis machining centers, you can also use Tebis for NC programming of articulated robots with six or more axes.

    ProLeiS MES (manufacturing execution system) works hand-in-hand with Tebis and is integrated in the Tebis user interface. It allows you to organize, plan and control your manufacturing projects – including machine planning, materials and tool logistics. The integrated machine and production data acquisition always keeps you supplied with up-to-date and realistic information.

    Tebis has the right software package – at a variety of performance levels – for all typical CAD/CAM applications. You can get started at a low cost and expand your solution as your requirements grow. You can individually supplement the software packages and select additional functions from the comprehensive portfolio of add-ons. Your staff can configure their Tebis workstations on the fly with floating licenses: If specific add-ons are used infrequently, your users can share these software components.

    Tebis Version 4.0 Release 8

    Version 4.0 Release 8 offers many new and improved functions such as indexed collision avoidance, the extended machine unit library, the simplified feature scanner, improved 5-axis simultaneous avoidance milling, convenient machine simulation and much more. There have also been updates in CAD: Reverse engineering is now easier and faster with more automation. 

    Free of charge: Tebis Browser

    Customers use the Tebis Browser – our free 3D data viewer for Tebis CAD model files– for communication within their companies and with suppliers. It can be downloaded from this website.

    Download the Tebis Browser
    System requirements and hardware recommendations

    Select the right systems and hardware for working with Tebis