Regular software updates

    We continuously provide you with software updates. Customers with a Tebis service contract automatically receive free direct access to new service packs, releases and versions. You’ll receive new features and up-to-date improvements in our technology, functions and interfaces.

    With our updates, you can automatically optimize calculation speed, user convenience, data transfer and accuracy and keep your Tebis installation at the latest technical level. 

    You’ll automatically receive direct access to all current updates to the Tebis CAD/CAM software and to update documentation. All modules and functions can be immediately integrated in the system. You can optimize system performance and keep your Tebis software up to date.

    • Releases 
    • Service packs 
    • Software versions
    • New features

    We provide your process libraries for renewed download, if you requested that we archive them. Integrate these in your new Tebis installation and they’re ready to use immediately. You don't have to adjust or reconfigure anything.

    Of course, we protect your process libraries from unintentional transmission to third parties.

    From our first introduction to CNC manufacturing to our collaboration that’s lasted many years, we’ve had nothing but good experiences with Tebis Software and Services. The Tebis technicians are always quick to find the appropriate solution. 

    Tobias Theven, Head of CNC manufacturing, Theven Modell- und Formenbau GmbH, Germany

    Learn more about new features of our releases

    Tebis 4.1 Release 7

    For even better collision checking and less re-machining

    Learn more...

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    We teach your employees how to use the software and present the latest developments in training programs and webinars. After a training course, you’ll be able to meet targets faster and work more flexibly.

    Digital manufacturing environment

    We prepare exact virtual models of your manufacturing environment. This way your Tebis installation knows all about your machines, tools, units and controls. The flow of information from design to manufacturing is transparent, and this provides a solid foundation for further automation.

    Digital manufacturing knowledge

    We evaluate your processes and manufacturing methods for standards, derive templates from these and integrate the knowledge in your Tebis installation. You’ll optimize your programming and machine capacity.

    CNC automation
    Tebis Automill® evaluates the digital CAD part model and accesses a previously stored structure of digital representations of the company's manufacturing environment and the manufacturing knowledge stored in templates to calculate the NC programs.