How to implement a new order?

    Pre-planning in single-part manufacturing – Automatically calculate using orders

    It's a fact: Pressures from deadlines and competition in the die manufacturing industry run high, and fast decisions are an important factor in winning orders. The advantage goes to those who can realistically include their current resources and capacities in the decision – at the click of a button. Production planners detect impending overloads in advance and can place external orders in time, thereby increasing returns. What if you could insert a spontaneous order and complete it on schedule? It's all possible – even in single-part manufacturing.

    ProLeiS MES lets you check the feasibility of order inquiries: ProLeiS quickly provides a reliable basis for decision-making using current data based on your company parameters. 

    The project manager uses pre-planning tools to check the required resources, budget, outsourcing and capacity utilization. Just a few clicks produce graphical overviews that help you realistically manage inquiries.

    Make or buy?

    Weigh the risks and decide with confidence

    Not enough resources available for a project? Check to see whether you can complete the order and with what resources, or if you have to outsource parts of the order.

    ProLeiS helps you do this. You can simulate how scheduling external manufacturing will affect your capacities. This yields an overview of the probable capacity utilization, enabling you to compare different scenarios. You can use this to determine whether external assignment is necessary – as a complete order or only for parts of individual work packages. 

    You can clearly see:

    • Whether you have to outsource manufacturing, 
    • Which parts are outsourced and
    • Whether outsourcing fits in your planning.
    See current capacities at the click of a button • Get support for quick decisions • Create project flow using drag and drop
    Realistically check inquiries • Simulate outsourcing • Work with templates 
    Detect potential overloads in advance • Evaluations make future forecasts more precise

    Anfragen realistisch in die aktuelle Fertigung einplanen

    Sie haben für ein Projekt nicht ausreichend Ressourcen zur Verfügung? Dann prüfen Sie doch, ob und mit welchen Ressourcen Sie den Auftrag ausführen können oder ob Sie Teile des Auftrags extern vergeben.

    Kapazitäten realistisch einplanen: Die aktuell bestehenden Aufträge (vollfarbige Balken) lasten die Fertigung nicht voll aus. Über den automatischen Kapazitätsabgleich simulieren Sie in ProLeiS Szenarien, wie Sie Anfragen am besten einplanen, ob Überlasten entstehen und wie Sie damit umgehen können.
    Szenario 1: Der angefragte Neuauftrag (transparente Balken) führt zu einer Überlast. Lösung: Um den geplanten Liefertermin in KW 32 einzuhalten, kommt eine Fremdvergabe in Frage.
    Szenario 2: Sie versuchen, die Anfrage mit kurzfristigen Überstunden zu bewältigen. Auch hier reichen die eigenen Kapazitäten nicht aus, wenn in KW 32 geliefert werden soll. Lösung: Zu den Überstunden vergeben Sie Teile des Auftrags nach extern.
    Szenario 3: Der Liefertermin wird auf KW 34 verschoben. Dann verteilt ProLeiS automatisch die Kapazitäten passend zur aktuellen Fertigung, so dass Sie den Auftrag problemlos annehmen können..

    Quick calculation

    Simple budget planning and capacity overview

    • Costing based on completed projects
    • Enter planned total budget in a monetary value or on an hourly basis
    • Create project flow using drag and drop with milestones and templates 
    • Assign hourly requirements to individual disciplines, machine groups and teams
    • ProLeiS determines capacity utilization with a realistic capacity profile 
    • This lays the foundation for an automatic comparison with current production orders

    ProLeiS budget and capacity planning allow you to quickly and realistically determine whether you have sufficient resources available. You can see whether the requested project will be completed on time on the required delivery date, and you can impress your customers with on-time delivery.

    ProLeiS realistically distributes capacity utilization at the click of a button.

    Learn from history

    Evaluation: Digitally collected results give you more precise quotations

    Digitally stored knowledge from experience is valuable – use detailed costing based on your company’s history. The more you work with ProLeiS, the more results it collects for you. The MES learns from your completed projects: You receive increasingly detailed capacity profiles using actual confirmed data for pre-planning. This data lays the groundwork for more and more accurate costing results. This helps you avoid financial losses and missed deadlines because bid values are too low – and canceled orders because bids are costed too high. You’ll improve your pre-planning templates with every order implemented in ProLeiS. 

    Prepare detailed costing based on assemblies:

    1. Create pre-planning templates based on types of tools
    2. Determine external costs and internal expenditures
    3. Evaluate internal work using calculated total hourly rates
    4. Automatically calculate capacity requirements and capacity distribution
    5. Use the final overview as the basis for decision-making

    Digitally stored knowledge is always accessible, even if employees are absent

    Target/actual comparison: With feedback from previous similar orders, you can compare the required time with the estimated time from pre-planning and manufacturing planning. Use the results for more precise pre-planning.

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    Why precise manufacturing planning is worthwhile

    Companies that plan single part manufacturing based on a bill of materials ensure a high degree of accuracy. A detailed overview and clear workflows simplify manufacturing control. The results: fewer errors, faster processing and greater flexibility. ProLeiS MES provides greater transparency and optimized organization.

    Keep a handle on production with key performance indicators

    ProLeiS collects your machine data and compresses them into relevant production information. Combined with data from the organization, you can quickly obtain KPIs for the entire company. Dashboards keep you focused on what's important for your business.

    About ProLeiS MES 

    ProLeiS MES software enables you to digitally model your order processing. You can optimize manufacturing processes and increase production performance through efficient planning, management and control of all manufacturing orders. You receive evaluations from production, from the individual work steps to the entire company overview. 

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