MES ProLeiS - interfaces

    Straightforward transfer of information

    Industrial manufacturing and its automation require a central information hub. ProLeiS MES software uses interfaces to integrate all systems, machines and departments involved in manufacturing a die. 

    • ERP
    • PLM/PDM
    • machine and manufacturing cell control 

    As an open integration platform, the MES also transfers data to ensure consistency. The powerful connections ensure smooth and reliable data transfers. Users can work with information without having to switch between software systems.

    ProLeiS allows you to flexibly and effectively plan and control your manufacturing projects in die and mold manufacturing and also obtain versatile analyses.

    A central information platform 

    ProLeiS integrates and networks

    As a central information platform, ProLeiS integrates your existing IT infrastructure through powerful interfaces. ProLeiS networks different software systems so they can be retained. You can work across departments and connect production with management.

    For example, you can:

    • Import bills of materials and CAD files
    • Trigger orders 
    • Automatically synchronize supplier deadlines and internal deadlines
    • Trigger manufacturing orders
    • Account for personnel time

    CAD/CAM interface

    Use ProLeiS from Tebis

    If you work with Tebis CAD/CAM software, you can integrate ProLeiS in your work environment. Tebis users manage their manufacturing data via ProLeiS without having to leave the familiar Tebis environment.

    ProLeiS data structures can be accessed directly from the Tebis user interface. This ensures that you open only current and released CAD files via the Tebis structure tree. ProLeiS uses the machining and NC program names from the Tebis Job Manager and creates a corresponding structure.

    NC programmers can also use ProLeiS to store NC programs calculated and postprocessed for the NC control. The same applies to NC documentation that has been generated with Tebis in PDF format, for example. Users don't have to worry about file names or storage locations.

    We have series production in our corporate group, and SAP is in effect mandatory in the automotive sector. ProLeiS has created a solution that enables this data to be transferred automatically. And I have to say that this makes a lot of things easier here. 
    Fabian Schmittlein, process planner at Koller Formenbau

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    Planning reliability and transparency with ProLeiS

    "Whether it's a deadline change, a last-minute order or the failure of a machine – just a few mouse clicks in the system gives us a clear picture and we can give the customer a clear answer."

    Fabian Schmittlein, Process Planner

    Koller Formenbau GmbH
    Oberbürg, Germany

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    Document management – Standards for overview

    Data is valuable digital raw material. With individual conditions, ProLeiS ensures compliance with standards in document handling and therefore greater process reliability. ProLeiS document management ensures that all teams have up-to-date, adjusted and correct data for their tasks.

    Learn from mistakes – quality management

    Only companies that recognize and track errors and faults can permanently eliminate them. ProLeiS automates the registration of faults in the manufacturing process and helps you implement measures for improvement. This allows you to eliminate weak points and reduce your risk.

    Accept the order, or better to reject it?

    A new order beckons: How can you structure your capacities to complete it on time? Automated pre-planning in ProLeiS MES gives you a quick answer. Check your capacities and resources and simulate the production load with the requested order. 

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