Industry insiders and specialists know what counts. Find out for yourself how experts approach current topics in die and mold manufacturing, what Tebis has been developing and how CAD/CAM processes can be improved overall.

    Management interview

    How the company is transitioning from a software manufacturer to a process provider and setting its course for future growth.

    An interview with Bernhard Rindfleisch and Dr. Thomas Wrede.

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    Is template technology the future of CAD/CAM?

    With its template technology in Version 4.1, Tebis is launching the first CAD/CAM software that also excels in automating clamping. Head of Development Dr. Wolfgang Schinke discusses the future.

    Interview with Harald Klieber

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    The new Tebis

    Optimized for manufacturing: Completely taken apart, outdated parts discarded, proven features retained, many improvements, new features added: Peter Obermaier, who’s primarily responsible for the overall coordination of Version 4.1, talks about the background and objectives.

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    CAD in flux

    Parametric design, associative technology, surface versus solid technology: Dr. Stephan Franz, head of the development team for design technologies, explains what this means in detail and what it means for Tebis.

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    Rethinking CAM

    Step-by-step to the perfect NC program: What Dr. Wolfgang Schinke, Head of Development for CAM technologies, has to say about the clear and simple user guidance in 4.1 is interesting not just for Tebis users but also for everyone who’s searching for logical and user-friendly software.  

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    The goal is 24/7

    More productivity with automated manufacturing processes: Tebis 4.1 provides the foundations for the comprehensive automation of manufacturing processes. This includes virtual process libraries that have been expanded to include the clamping device library, intelligent collision-avoidance strategies, process-integrated measurement and ProLeiS MES.

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    Opportunities in 3-axis machining

    We spoke with Hisashi Yamaguchi, General Manager of Japanese trading company Marubeni Information Systems Co, Ltd. (MSYS), about the new Gallea series from tool manufacturer MOLDINO. The discussion did not stop at the advantages of circle-segment cutters and multi-sided machining. 

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    We want to control the machine

    This is a principle that Tebis has followed for more than a decade, and Reiner Schmid, Tebis AG’s head of Product Management, still views it as a unique approach. In an interview with Christopher Detke from NCFertigung, he explains what makes a good CAM system, where the challenges lie and what machines he currently regards as the most complex.

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    Alliances for the future

    "We take manufacturing companies burdened by intensive manual processes and prepare them for the future," says Jens Lüdtke. The head of Tebis Consulting talks about strategies and processes for the future of die manufacturing.

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    Looking for tomorrow's specialists

    As part of the annual Open House, Tebis hosted a Round Table. He discussed the shortage of qualified personnel with industry experts. What requirements will tomorrow's managers have? How do you find and promote young talent? A protocol.

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    Rib and slot machining

    Together with project partners, Tebis determined that the greatest expenditure in rib and slot machining. The concept that precisely synchronizes CAD and CAM functionalities is based on this experience. Helmut Vergin, Product Manager at Tebis, gets to the bottom of the matter.

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    The Tebis Lathe module in use

    Reiner Schmid is the Product Manager at Tebis AG for mechanical engineering with emphasis on virtual machines and turning. During the interview, he took a stand on turning processes with Tebis.

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    New paths in die manufacturing

    Tebis offers a process solution for die manufacturing that can benefit companies of all sizes. The results from a joint project in the FMF – WWF group in Hardthausen-Gochsen near Heilbronn speak for themselves: Tebis solutions reduced tryout time by up to 25 percent, and programming time was shortened by roughly 15 percent.

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    “The first customer was thrilled with our solution”

    In an interview in the November issue of technical magazine “maschine + werkzeug©” (2018), product manager Helmut Vergin explains how simple 5-axis milling has become using Tebis Version 4.0 Release 6.

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