Modeling digital order processing

    Our experts network your software systems and corporate levels from management to manufacturing and create a digital model of your project implementation processes. They configure the ProLeiS MES (manufacturing execution system) so that you can plan, control and evaluate your manufacturing projects from data receipt to product delivery.

    This lets you optimize your machine utilization, the number of simultaneous projects, your costs and adherence to delivery deadlines. Our experts advise you on the approaches and options that are best for you and configure the system based on your requirements.

    Transparent from end to end
    Systems, machines, processes and departments for die manufacturing interlinked in a single application
    Highly precise planning
    Fine-tuned planning based on the bill of materials, with templates for milestones and work steps
    On-time manufacturing
    Incorporate changes on short notice, automatically comparing and integrating with production planning
    Product status at a glance
    View production status in real time and use key parameters for manufacturing and productivity

    Plan and control manufacturing

    We follow your processes when we configure ProLeiS MES software. Our experts prepare templates for overall and detailed planning, incorporating key milestones for manufacturing planning. You can then check the feasibility of requested orders, plan deadlines and assign resources. We ensure that you can reliably plan and control all work steps, from procurement to logistics to quality control.

    Record machine data

    We create your virtual manufacturing building and integrate your machines in ProLeiS. Our MES specialists set up interfaces to automatically output machine and manufacturing data. Status conditions like production, fault and idle time are then clearly displayed. The MES experts will program automated queries to informatively and graphically present key parameters of manufacturing control. You receive diagrams and statistics to help prepare evaluations for process optimization.

    Managing data

    Our experts set up a server so that you can centrally manage project-specific manufacturing data, accompanying documents and information from all areas. After the MES software is configured, actions such as importing a bill of materials automatically generates part objects. We prepare role-specific access privileges and authorizations according to your requirements. We program controlled-release mechanisms for reliable manufacturing processes, so that each user can comply with their specified work sequences.

    Your performance benefits
    • End-to-end manufacturing planning and communication across departments
    • Faster order processing and greater process reliability
    • Best possible resource utilization and increased plant availability

    With the help of Tebis and ProLeiS, our machines are now operating at 90 percent capacity. We now need only three to four weeks for machining operations that used to take six to eight weeks.

    Rolf Hädicke and Mark Gras, managing directors of PS-Prototypenschmiede GmbH, Germany

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    MES software for manufacturing management 

    ProLeiS MES gives you a clear view of planned, ongoing, and potential projects.

    With ProLeiS, you can plan and control your resources, deliver on time, and evaluate order data.

    This full visibility lets you optimize your manufacturing processes and production capacity.

    Why precise manufacturing planning is worthwhile

    Companies that plan single part manufacturing based on a bill of materials ensure a high degree of accuracy. A detailed overview and clear workflows simplify manufacturing control. The results: fewer errors, faster processing and greater flexibility. ProLeiS MES provides greater transparency and optimized organization.

    Keep a handle on production with key performance indicators

    ProLeiS collects your machine data and compresses them into relevant production information. Combined with data from the organization, you can quickly obtain KPIs for the entire company. Dashboards keep you focused on what's important for your business.

    Document management – Standards for overview

    Data is valuable digital raw material. With individual conditions, ProLeiS ensures compliance with standards in document handling and therefore greater process reliability. ProLeiS document management ensures that all teams have up-to-date, adjusted and correct data for their tasks.

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