Digitalizing the manufacturing environment

    CAM manufacturing based on digital twins

    We digitally map your real manufacturing environment in your Tebis installation. It contains your tools and clamping devices with geometric and technical information. We also prepare virtual machines based on your machinery with your detailed geometry and kinematics. The postprocessors we program for your controls access these details and generate reliable NC code.

    Your libraries can be protected for exclusive use in your company. They can be used from all Tebis workstations at your installation.

    NC programmers and machine operators work securely with automation in the digitalized environment. They unambiguously define the clamping positions and tools, simulate calculated toolpaths and check them for collisions.

    We also develop individual templates for NC documentation for you.


    Work in virtual models with real data for geometry, kinematics and parameters 
    Use the same manufacturing information across departments with no mixups
    Avoid collisions and errors from the beginning using simulation with detailed digital twins

    Virtual machines

    We scan and measure your machines on-site and model them one-to-one in the Tebis programming environment. 

    Detailed digital twins of your actual machining centers and robots are generated from our inventory of catalog machines. The virtual model includes machine geometry, additional equipment, kinematics, limit switches, dynamic parameters for axes and drives and much more. We create every virtual machine model at your site individually.

    A detailed digital twins allow you to work more precisely and efficiently in manufacturing.

    A highly detailed model incorporating machine geometry, additional units, kinematics, limit switches, dynamic parameters for axes and drives and much more.  

    Virtual tools

    With all geometric properties, tested and optimized cutting data and groups of tools in magazines

    Our implementation technicians work with you to generate your digital tool library.  

    The tool library represents your real tools with all their geometric and technical properties. Each tool therefore includes proven and optimized cutting data like feed rate and speed for each material.

    We also represent groups of tools in machine magazines and tool cabinets every detail.

    With the resulting transparency of the existing tools, the tools available in each magazine can be preferentially selected for NC programming. Calculated NC programs contain the optimized cutting data for each operation.


    Virtual machine units

    Our specialists also create a separate library for modeling your machine units in your Tebis installation. The digital representations ensure better handling and reliability.

    In the central unit library, you can conveniently manage equipment like jaw chucks, steady rests and tips as well as machine tables, attachments and partitions (see video). In the central unit library, you can assemble the components to form complete units and equip the machine with all units in the Job Manager.

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    With all geometric and technical properties

    Virtual clamping devices

    Clamping device library: This contains all devices for securing workpieces so that the precise clamping position is set up in the CAD/CAM model.

    Our implementation technicians also create a library for your clamping devices. It’s worthwhile to digitalize them: Using virtual representations of the clamping devices, NC programmers can unequivocally specify the clamping situation. This prevents clamping device collisions and the resulting renewed NC programming.


    Our Tebis implementation technicians use the catalog inventory of postprocessors to program individual postprocessors according to your requirements.

    You may need a specific postprocessor depending on the type and complexity of your machines. When you export your NC programs in the control format, these postprocessors access information from the virtual machines. This combination makes your machining operations more reliable.

    We prepare various postprocessors for milling (with two performance levels) turning, laser cutting, turning/milling and for robots, including those with more than five axes. We create each individual postprocessor at your location.

    Configured for your controls and the special aspects of your machine

    NC documentation

    Better overview and clear structure thanks to digital documentation.

    Our digital templates for NC documentation let you seamlessly register important information in the shop for the NC programs. Our specialists use proven templates and adapt them to your requirements. 

    We set up a variety of output formats: On-screen overview, XML format, PDF file and for hard-copy printout.

    Our specialists

    With our large teams of qualified implementation specialists, the consulting coverage we offer for our customers is unparalleled. As highly experienced and reliable partners, they work passionately to ensure that all Tebis installations are optimally set up and all processes fine-tuned.

    What our customers are saying:

    Integrity Tool and Mold – growing strong with Tebis

    "Tebis can be used to automate many processes, and users lose no time working with different files. These benefits are especially evident when there are design changes".

    Ryan Hotchkiss, Head of manufacturing

    Integrity Tool and Mold

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    GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH

    "To reduce our collision rate to zero and to simultaneously save time-consuming checking after postprocessing, we used a simulation with millimeter accuracy of the machine model and the tools in the virtual world. Only Tebis was able to do this."

    Hermann Geueke, Head of Mechanical Manufacturing

    GEDIA Gebrüder Dingerkus GmbH, Attendorn, Sauerland, Germany

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    The benefit for your performance

    In the digitalized manufacturing environment:

    • Always work with the right parameters and properties
    • Transfer information between departments
    • Increase safety, avoid errors and collisions
    • Save time and reduce effort
    • Also suitable for less experienced employees
    • Easily increase automation

    Further information

    Digital manufacturing knowledge

    We evaluate your processes and manufacturing methods for standards, derive templates from these and integrate the knowledge in your Tebis installation. You’ll optimize your programming and machine capacity.

    Digital order processing

    Projects are easier to manage if your processes are clearly defined and are available to everyone in a single system. The ProLeiS MES software lets you digitally plan, control and evaluate all technical, organizational and logistical processes, from the initial inquiry to the finished product.


    In Trainings und Webinaren vermitteln wir Ihren Mitarbeitern die Anwendung der Software und die neuesten Entwicklungen. Nach einem Training können sie Zielvorgaben schneller erfüllen und flexibler eingesetzt werden.

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    CNC automation
    Tebis Automill® evaluates the digital CAD part model and accesses a previously stored structure of digital representations of the company's manufacturing environment and the manufacturing knowledge stored in templates to calculate the NC programs.
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