Tebis 4.1 Release 6 - more CAD, more CAM, better usability

    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Easily design and update elements with new solid technology
    • Realistic design and improved user guidance – realistic reverse engineering with perspective representation
    • Program 5-axis machining with a lead angle – for a longer tool service life and improved surface quality
    • Automatically program machining operations for laser cutting with different tilt directions
    • Optimized connections for all laser operations – for shorter machine run times

    CAD – 3D design

    Design easier with new solid technology

    Designing with the new solid technology is simple and fast: Add or subtract elements like bores and pockets, round or chamfer edges – you can do it all with just a few mouse-clicks.
    As a special highlight, the entire design history is shown in a clear structure with all intermediate steps in the object tree. You always have the big picture and can change the sequence of design steps with a simple copy & paste.
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    New solid technology for an easy design.
    New in Tebis 4.1 Release 6: Rounding and chamfering edges.

    Realistic design and improved user guidance

    The new perspective representation is very useful, especially in reverse engineering. The shape and proportions of the parts precisely match the real situation – designing wire-frame and surface models is significantly easier.

    With the new release, you can conveniently zoom in and out of the 3D graphic using the scroll wheel.
    Display without central perspective on the left and with central perspective on the right. 
    Designing is easier with the realistic representation of the 3D model.

    CAM – Milling

    5-axis milling with lead angle

    It’s now possible to mill with a lead angle in your strategies for 5-axis simultaneous milling. The tool with a lead angle always moves in the cutting direction of the toolpath: An upward cut and optimal cutting conditions are ensured.

    This increases tool life and provides better surface quality. Programming with this extension is also easier – for example, no more vectors need to be defined.
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    CAM – Laser

    Automated programming of machining operations for laser drilling

    Machining at different tilt directions can now be programmed automatically and very conveniently with the new MUSER function. No need to design the bores. All parameters can be edited and are individually configurable – and user-defined commands like drilling, bonding and welding can be defined.

    The options for the connection paths have also been extended for laser hardening, laser cutting, laser cladding and trimming. This greatly reduces the machining time for the NC programs.