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    Use Tebis CAD files without a Tebis workstation 

    View and evaluate 3D data models at no cost

    Using the Tebis Browser, you can open Tebis model files and display them in 3D. The Tebis Browser simplifies technical communications between Tebis users and their colleagues and business partners – without licensed Tebis seats. The time-consuming paper documentation is eliminated. 

    Easily communicate using the Tebis Browser 

    Simply forward the Tebis Browser and Tebis model files to third parties. 
    3D data accessible to all
    Simple and intuitive operation
    Free of charge


    Tebis Browser features

    • Open and view Tebis model files
    • Inspect component structures and geometry elements
    • Determine dimensions, lengths, radii and coordinates
    • Prepare screenshots
    • Various display modes including transparency, sections, and standard views