Use Tebis CAD files without a Tebis workstation 

    View and evaluate 3D data models at no cost

    The Tebis Browser can be used for 3D viewing of Tebis model files, toolpaths and laser paths. You can analyze and dimension the file or individual elements and detect parameters such as the number and directions of bores and features. Simple CAD elements – such as axis systems, planes, points, lines or circles – can even be designed. A special Browser workspace, integrated operating videos and the online help familiarize everyone with the Tebis Browser in the shortest possible time. The Tebis Browser thus simplifies technical communication with users, colleagues and business partners without a licensed Tebis workstation.

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    Tebis Browser – easy communication

    Simply forward the Tebis Browser and Tebis model files to third parties. 
    3D data accessible to all
    Simple and intuitive operation
    Free of charge

    Download Tebis V4.1 Browser 7

    SpecificationWhat the Tebis Browser can do
    • Open and view Tebis model files
    • View and analyze part structures and geometry elements
    • Determine dimensions, lengths, radii and coordinates
    • Prepare screenshots
    • Generate simple CAD elements
    • Various display modes such as transparency, sections, standard views
    • Including simplified Browser workspace, operating videos and online help