Robotic machining

    Developing new applications with perfect NC programs

    You can easily integrate robots in your manufacturing processes with Tebis. Tebis supports robots for all types of machining. Because you’re programming with a virtual robot (digital twin) right from the start, there are no surprises later due to recalculation or other issues. Tebis directly outputs the NC control data for the robot. You can therefore proceed directly from the CAD data to the completed robotic machining program with no detours.

    Use robots as machining centers
    Complete collision checking
    Combine loading and unloading with remachining
    Clear overview
    Create control program directly in CAD/CAM


    Suitable for many technologies

    Tebis also lets you use any machining technology with 6-axis robots, with additional linear axes or a pivoting rotary table for positioning and workpiece orientation. This allows you to easily use industrial robots that are usually cost-effective and space-saving compared with machining centers. Possible applications include milling of easily machinable materials and grinding, polishing and deburring. Laser machining and water-jet cutting and new applications like hammer peening of surfaces are also feasible.

    6-axis robot polishing surfaces.

    Completely normal NC programming

    The robot is visible during programming, making it easy to determine the appropriate pose.

    You can program robots just as easily as machining centers using Cartesian coordinates in Tebis. Thanks to the integrated virtual machine technology in Tebis, you can see during programming how the robot will move later. After defining the part orientation, any additional required units and the configuration of the starting axes, Tebis calculates intelligent NC paths with all the necessary information for the robot with just a few user inputs. Singular points for the robot are automatically avoided. You can also interactively optimize the machining operations while the entire robot is visible.

    Fully integrated robot technology

    Programming with Tebis is especially easy, because the robot technology is fully integrated in the CAD/CAM environment: Whether in the machine library, the Job Manager, in the simulation or the NC output – robots are supported in all areas, and no additional software is required at any point. The NC data are output directly in the control format.

    A 6-axis robot machines a part on a rotary table that’s moved synchronously with two additional axes.

    Safety for your employees and resources

    Simulating the complete machining operation verifies that there are no collisions.

    Even though many points have already been accounted for, the complete machining operation can be simulated at the end and checked for collisions and limit switch violations throughout the entire work area. The Tebis CNC Simulator ensures maximum process reliability at this point with many analysis and optimization functions. Finally, collision-checked NC paths are output with all information required by the robot.

    Customer response

    What our customers are saying about robotic machining:

    Highly specialized yet diverse

    "When we decided to go with Tebis, we really hit the bull’s-eye. We were immediately impressed by the many milling strategies for all of our application areas. The collision checking is also very precise – better than what we saw in other systems."

    Richard Kurz, NC programmer

    Wethje Carbon Composites GmbH, Hengersberg, Germany

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    Additional information

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    Quickly and reliably generate toolpaths for 5-axis trimming of parts with Tebis. Collisions with other component areas, clamping devices and machine components are excluded. Offline programming lets you avoid tedious teach-in and unproductive use of the machine. 

    3D laser cutting

    You can quickly and easily calculate collision-checked NC programs for 3D laser cutting with Tebis. You can use these to cut your sheet-metal parts no matter how complex the geometry. Offline programmingletsyou avoid tedious teach-in andunproductive use of the machine.

    CNC simulator

    The Tebis CNC Simulator lets you fully plan, program and check your NC machining operations in the Tebis CNC programming environment. All of the components in your real manufacturing environment – including tools, machines, clamping devices and units – are stored down to the last detail as digital twins in the virtual programming environment. 

    CNC drilling

    Tebis lets you program simple bores and complex multi-sided machining operations right at your CAM workplace. Strategies for centering, countersinking, reaming, thread cutting, thread milling and milling fittings are included. You benefit from automated manufacturing templates and shortened traverse paths using virtual machine technology.