High-efficiency roughing with HPC milling machines

    High-performance cutting (HPC) for maximum material removal rate

    The goal of every roughing operation is to remove as much material as possible within the shortest possible time. This is an enormous stress test for the cutter, which often ends up in full contact. Tebis therefore uses options for full-cut handling as well as for full-cut avoidance. In full-cut handling, feed rates are automatically reduced, or full-cut areas are machined trochoidally. In full-cut avoidance, the path layout is automatically adapted to the geometry without full cuts.

    Full-cut avoidance is used in adaptive roughing. This is where it really counts: Compared with conventional roughing, special HPC cutters achieve extremely high material removal rates at constant cutting conditions with higher cutting speeds and feed rates, smaller lateral stepovers and very large cutting depths – and time savings of over 60 percent are easily possible. Adaptive roughing strategies for HPC milling are especially suitable for parts with many deep cavities. Hard materials can also be machined very easily in this way. 

    HPC cutters with long cutting edges for large downfeed
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    Adaptive roughing of free-form pockets

    HPC milling with Tebis

    Highly efficient
    Feed rates and paths are always optimized • Longer machine uptime • Lace cut machining is also possible
    An end-to-end system
    Blank tracking across machining operations
    Protects tool materials
    Long tool life

    Suitable for 2.5 D, 3D and 5-axis machining operations

    Adaptive trochoidal roughing strategies can be implemented in Tebis in 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis machining operations. The tool can be quickly repositioned, even at high feed rates. Integrated blank transfer enables a simple combination of all milling operations. 

    2.5D HPC roughing

    3D HPC roughing

    5-axis simultaneous HPC roughing

    Integrated re-roughing for even better results

    The additional "Re-roughing upwards" option enables remachining of residual stock areas with a smaller depth of cut from the bottom upwards with no difficulties. 

    Clear pocket adaptively or trochoidally in a single step...

    ... Machine residual stock on the pocket walls...

    ... from bottom to top.

    How it’s done! Practical test of run time calculation

    Without a doubt: The adaptive roughing strategy is the one that achieves the highest material removal rate. In many cases it is also the most efficient strategy – but not always. Because how a part is best machined depends on the geometry, the material and the machine tool. Technology parameters such as cutting data and feed rates must exactly match the machining operation. 

    In our practical test, we compared different roughing strategies taking part geometry and the technology parameters into account. Results: The right combination is critical!


    For everyone who wants to learn more

    Webinars, technical articles ...

    Improve manufacturing efficiency with high-performance tools

    In our webinar, we showed how you can benefit from modern high-performance tools such as HPC and circular segment milling cutters and how Tebis supports these tools. Exact virtual tool contours and the ability to combine all machining types and strategies as you wish ensure optimal results.

    Webinar recording (German)
    Manufacturing more efficiently with modern high-performance tools

    You want faster roughing and finishing? And not only 5, 10, 15 or 20 percent faster, but even faster than that?

    Read the technical article

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    High-efficiency roughing

    Compared with conventional roughing, time savings of over 60 percent can be achieved with adaptive roughing using special HPC cutters with very large cutting depths. The path layout is perfectly adapted to the geometry with no full cuts. 

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    CAM software for many manufacturing methods

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    CNC automation
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