A simple solution for rib and slot milling

    Automate manufacturing of slots

    Deep slots like those on the ejector side of injection molds lend the component stability. Slots can be produced either by milling or sinker EDM. Tebis provides practical analysis functions to support you in deciding what manufacturing method is best suited for these recesses in the component. The NC programs are created automatically based on the analysis results. 

    Easy to automate
    Automatically detect appropriate areas for slot milling and derive center curves • Standardized NC templates
    Fast processing thanks to optimized web layout • Make the best use of HPC tools
    Can be combined with sinker EDM methods
    Automated sinker EDM for shorter processing times

    Quickly analyze and prepare CAD geometry

    Automatically analyze the part and create extension and overrun surfaces. Suitable areas for slot milling are automatically detected and are subdivided in categories such as bottoms, flanks and radii. 

    Automatically detect suitable areas for slot milling and combine in slot tracks
    Automatically derive center curves for subsequent finishing without any design effort

    Automatically generate CAM programs

    For NC programming, simply load only your standardized machining templates for the categorized geometry elements. The templates also include information on what material, what tools and what machines can best be implemented for a specific geometry. Rib and slot milling programs are easily combined: Use HPC cutters to rough the slot with only one path in full cut. If desired, you can also rough full-cut areas trochoidally and manufacture the part with conventional tools while saving a lot of time. Finish the geometry based on the center paths automatically generated during preparation: This enables the creation of a path layout optimally adapted to the geometry – the material is removed very quickly and interruptions in the NC paths in the rib intersections are avoided. 

    Trochoidal roughing of full-cut areas
    Finishing with center paths

    Check and correct NC machining

    Check for possible collisions with the part already in the NC calculation. If desired, these areas can be automatically avoided with 5-axis simultaneous avoidance milling. 
    Because you plan and program in Tebis using digital twins from the beginning, you can conveniently check the complete manufacturing situation with all components in the virtual world. 

    5-axis simultaneous avoidance
    Check the complete manufacturing situation
    Rib and slot machining

    Together with project partners, Tebis determined that the greatest expenditure in rib and slot machining. The concept that precisely synchronizes CAD and CAM functionalities is based on this experience. Helmut Vergin, Product Manager at Tebis, gets to the bottom of the matter.

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