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    EMO live show and worry-free package offer

    Take a new perspective … Let the software get the job done: Tebis offers a plug-and-play automation solution for production machining and a comprehensive worry-free package for turn milling


    Tebis EMO News: Tebis 4.1 Release 7 is ready for rollout this fall

    Tebis 4.1 Release 7 will make CAM programming even safer and simpler. New features include optimized collision checking and faster and simpler processing of complex geometries


    Digitalization and automation CAD/CAM with Tebis for efficiency and flexibility in production machining

    Exact digital twins of manufacturing resources | Knowledge libraries with rules for automated processes | Relief for skilled workers 


    Tebis Specialist CAD/CAM for Model Making

    Whether you manufacture show cars, data control models, casting models or complete prototype vehicles: Model makers manufacture components for a wide range of applications. All these can be achieved quickly and at the highest quality using Tebis CAD/CAM technology.


    Tebis Specialist CAD/CAM for Trimming Machining and Laser Cutting

    Tebis is a market-leader for CAD/CAM/MES technology with vast experience serving customers in many industries including model, pattern, die and mould making as well as component manufacturing.
    One of Tebis unique offerings is Tebis specialist 5-axis mill trimming and laser cutting package for improved machining operation safety, quality, and efficiency as well as ease of uses. Tebis trimming package has been widely used for moulded plastic parts, composite components and other material parts.


    What is Intelligent Manufacturing with Tebis CAD/CAM?

    Tebis is well known as a premium CAD/CAM and MES software company who offers advanced solutions for model, pattern, die and mould making as well as mechanical component manufacturing. Tebis also helps customers to optimise CNC machining processes and to automate CAM work with Intelligent Manufacturing technologies.

    Tebis Intelligent Manufacturing software and associated services help customers to increase productivity and profitability.


    What is Intelligent Manufacturing with Tebis CAD/CAM?


    DMG MORI and Tebis: Even better together

    In the DMG MORI Qualified Products (DMQP) program, cooperation partners provide customized offers for automating manufacturing processes


    Intelligent Manufacturing with Tebis CAD/CAM/MES Software

    With Tebis 4.1 Version, there are a number of ways for optimising and automating your CAM programming. One of the ways is the process template for CAD/CAM automation. Tebis software can export any kind of CNC program process and is able to reimport this process, change some basic parameters to replicate the original process but on a completely new component.


    Tebis America Grows Business, Expands Team and Capabilities

    Company’s technology solutions help address manufacturers’ challenges


    Tebis 4.1 offers automation, user-friendliness and practical implementation

    Tebis presented the most important new developments in CAD and CAM at the EMO in Milan


    Safety and quality in automation

    Tebis offers integrated quality control with "measurement in the manufacturing process"


    Safety and quality in automation

    Tebis offers integrated quality control with "measurement in the manufacturing process"


    Integrated collision avoidance with Tebis

    Head collision checking is now fully integrated in the Tebis virtual machine model | New avoidance milling functions


    Tebis 4.1 enables companies to digitalize their entire manu-facturing environment

    Clamping device library fully integrated in the virtual machine


    Tebis shares updates at METAV digital

    Measurement in the process/ Integrated collision avoidance / More automation of processes with 4.1 / First clamping device library in the industry


    Tebis launches Complete CAD/CAM System 4.1

    Even greater automation of process flows | Simple and intuitive user guidance | Parametric/associative system base with solid kernel


    Tebis CAM Automation with Feature Library

    For Tebis, automation is a key principle for effective and efficient CNC programming while improving machining quality, efficiency and safety. One of the features to support CAM automation with Tebis CAD/CAM is the use of the feature library.