CNC programming – automated and reliable

    For shorter programming and setup times

    The time between order receipt and delivery deadlines in the manufacturing industry is consistently shortening. At the same time, the components are becoming more complex along with demands for even higher surface quality. Programming and setup must be performed in parallel with machine uptime, and multiple machines must be effectively coordinated. Fluctuating order quantities and a lack of qualified personnel require highly dynamic and easily automated processes. 

    Tebis combines speed, reliability and a high degree of automation with the greatest possible flexibility in CNC programming and provides industry-specific solutions for all applications such as 2.5 D, 3D and 5-axis machining. All CNC programming solutions can be combined. 

    The manufacturing process with Tebis: You prepare CAD data for CNC programming: You use NC templates for highly automated CNC programming based on the structured data. Digital twins of your actual tools, machines and clamping devices and the entire manufacturing knowledge of your company are stored in your individual process libraries. Optimize the programs if necessary and, after CNC programming, output completely collision-checked toolpaths to the machine. 


    High degree of automation
    Store knowledge in templates • Quickly train new employees • Respond quickly to changes • Consistent quality standard
    Maximum reliability
    Collision-checked NC programs • Integrated simulation and verification • Virtual manufacturing environment with machines, tools, clamping devices and units
    Make optimal use of resources
    External setup and multiple setups • Optimal traverse movements • Lower tool costs thanks to the consistent use of standard tools • Measurement on the machine

    Import design data

    You can design with Tebis or import design data via interfaces. Tebis provides standard and direct interfaces to all the common CAD systems. In addition to geometric data for the blank, finished part and clamping devices, structural information such as assembly, layer, set and filter structures as well as colors are also imported. Bore features as well as product and manufacturing information can also be imported. Tebis also has special interfaces, such as reading in features, for simple CNC programming.

    Preparing parts

    You can analyze and structure the component, close holes, adjust the transitions and create extension and overrun surfaces. This ensures from the outset that you’re milling on perfectly designed surfaces. At the same time, you’re establishing the optimal conditions for automated NC programming: You can separate out elements and topologies, automatically split up milling areas and determine the appropriate manufacturing methods. 

    You can also create clamping systems as CAD models for multiple setups. For electrode machining, the complete electrode is generated using a wizard. All machining information is automatically transferred to the model for prismatic machining or turning.

    Automatically split up milling areas
    Separate topologies

    Automated CNC programming

    CNC programming with Tebis is simple and proceeds rapidly based on the structured data. For CNC programming, load the Job Manager and the machining templates and automatically select the elements to be machined. Select the initial blank and collision bodies and start the automated CNC calculation. The optimal machining strategy for the selected machine is automatically assigned, with preference given to standard tools with appropriate lengths based on the integrated collision avoidance strategies. If desired, you can quickly and easily prepare a reliable 5-sided machining operation. Check the tilt direction with the integrated tilt direction preview and adjust it interactively. You can mill on meshes or directly on surfaces with Tebis. You can prepare the next part for CNC programming while programs are still being automatically calculated in the background.

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    Highly automated generation of NC programs for pocket machining: Copy template and start calculation - the NC program is ready.
    Mill on surfaces and meshes

    Optimize and output CNC programs

    You can reduce the number of machining tools, adjust the automatically determined tool length if necessary and – if required – modify the clamping situation. Simulate the CNC program and check the machining again for collisions with all components in the CAM environment. If collisions are detected, have the milling areas automatically reduced or simply convert 3-axis toolpaths into 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths. Output the NC programs as NC code with postprocessors exactly configured to your machines and controls.

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    Check and correct toolpaths in the CAM environment based on the digital twins
    Full control: Tebis postprocessors are precisely matched to the machine control

    What our customers are saying

    Reducing downtime through automation

    “With our previous software we had four programming seats to support four machines. With Tebis we have gotten that down to one seat and the machines can’t keep up with what we are programming.”

    Craig Rollag, Production Supervisor

    Tennant Company, Minneapolis, MN, United States

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    Exploiting potential with Tebis

    "Tebis significantly reduces the time needed for NC programming and simultaneously increases reliability."

    Michael Holmström, Managing director

    Swepart Verktyg i Tyringe AB, Tyringe, Sweden

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