Laser weld cladding

    Targeted material coating of modified areas with essentially no distortion

    You can create NC programs for laser weld cladding systems with Tebis. This enables the targeted application of coatings in modified areas with essentially no distortion. You can also reduce the required chip-generating reworking to a minimum. You can quickly and easily repair areas, apply material to modified areas and refine component areas.

    Proven in practice
    Suitable for complex part geometries
    High quality
    Smooth machine movement and optimal welding results
    Welding and milling in the same environment


    You can determine the areas for cladding with an automatic variance comparison. If necessary, these areas are subdivided into several application layers and precisely equidistant paths are created in each layer. The software automatically accounts for holes and other islands and excludes them from cladding. You can easily and intuitively create complex toolpaths with the integrated simulation and collision checking functions. You can also directly control machines and robots with up to eight axes. Variable interpolation ensures smooth machine movement and optimal welding results. Technology data like material, laser power, temperature and powder can be easily managed.

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    Quality control

    The end-to-end Tebis solution lets you check any part right after manufacturing. Whether you want to measure your parts using NC control on milling and measuring machines or do it manually – Tebis provides you with all the necessary functions. Manufacture quality. Right from the start.

    CAD software specialized for manufacturing 

    Designers, planners and NC programmers use Tebis CAD modules for manufacturing-related design tasks. This goes quickly and is highly automated with parametric/associative surface and solid technology. Creating, supplementing, modifying and improving CAD models ensure large savings – also in subsequent processes. 

    CNC programming

    Tebis CNC programming greatly reduces programming and setup time in the overall process chain. Tebis combines speed, reliability and a high degree of automation with the greatest possible flexibility. The portfolio includes industry-specific solutions for all areas, including 2.5D, 3D and 5-axis machining.