• Vor einem CAM-Programmierbüro mit Arbeitern prüft jemand digital die Betriebsdaten aus der Fertigung, die als Diagramme in einem Tablet anzeigt sind.

    Manufacturing under control with operating data

    Efficient work and manufacturing processes are based on evaluations of operating data across different areas. 

    With seamless automated data acquisition through ProLeiS, those responsible acquire unbiased and precise insights into production in real time. You can also keep track of your operation processes on a tablet and receive direct messages in the event of incidents. 


    The MES software collects all current data and outputs key performance indicators in dynamic dashboards. You can immediately see where you need to intervene. 

    Automatic feedback from production improves your cost calculation. You can minimize errors in processes and better utilize your machines.

    Clear overview
    Feedback requests are automatically assigned • Data is presented in graphics • Optimization potential can be quickly identified 
    Continuous complete data acquisition • Evaluate development and goal achievement • Plan more reliably
    Meaningful numbers and current data • Reliable basis for decisions •
    Check the effectiveness of measures

    Get more out of your machines

    Technical operating data: What machine data reveals

    Machine data acquisition in ProLeiS happens in real time. The MES makes your production data transparent in clear diagrams and statistics. A webcam gives you a live view of all activities in and around the machine.

    Machine control

    Select a machine in ProLeiS and receive direct information on measured values like feed rate during position change, feed or spindle speed. You can use this data to draw conclusions about the causes of faults and possible improvements. 

    Machine status

    Even when you're on the go, the virtual machine building layout in ProLeiS shows you the current status with a traffic-light system: which machines are running, which are idle and which have faults. You can record reasons and causes of downtime in downtime monitoring. You can identify potential risks in advance and lay the groundwork for more in-depth analyses.

    Machine run time

    ProLeiS receives feedback from machines on run time and automatically posts this data to the current work step This shows you the duration of each main activity per work step, part and overall order.

    Process control

    ProLeiS provides you with precise data on the utilization and availability of your machines. This allows you to identify gaps in time and actively control your manufacturing processes. For example, you can see whether and where unattended manufacturing is profitable.

    Status and idle time: View of machine data for a unit of time

    Implement projects more efficiently with order data

    Organizational operating data provide an overview based on the plan

    Summary evaluations for all orders: Current data for personnel and machines compared with planning

    ProLeiS lets you track the progress of all customer orders as well as individual production, transport and procurement orders. You can also access personnel time and get information on material status.

    Feedback: Automatically assign times and inventories to an order

    • ProLeiS immediately determines the actual machine time required via the machine connection and posts it to the corresponding order.
    • Employees immediately post the time required for the order in the personal view using the stopwatch function.
    • Inventory feedback

    Predictive: Automatically assign tasks

    • Personnel plan: ProLeiS automatically assigns employees to pending orders based on their skills, work hours, presence and workload.
    • Machine assignment plan: ProLeiS automatically assigns machines to orders based on capabilities, properties and utilization.
    • Material plan: ProLeiS generates information on production status and storage locations and assigns blanks, milling tools and vehicles to the relevant order.

    Conclusive key performance indicators for production control

    Evaluation: From the individual work step to the overall process

    ProLeiS generates highly detailed capacity profiles at the click of a button. The greatest sources of loss can be identified by comparing the reported actual time with the originally planned time.

    The MES software allows you to analyze the production process in detail with regard to on-time delivery, capacity utilization and deviations in hours and costs. You can use the evaluation to improve future planning with milestones and to improve production efficiency. 

    Would you like to know about your overall plant efficiency? ProLeiS lets you answer these typical questions: 

    • Availability: Why were we not producing for 100 percent of our operating time?
      ⇒ Faults, maintenance, lull in orders, absent personnel
      Access the information from idle time monitoring, technical and organizational operating data and quality management
    • Performance: Why was 100 percent of the planned speed not realized?
      ⇒ Delays caused by missing parts or the wrong tools, for example
      Access the information from idle time monitoring, quality management and manufacturing planning.
    • Quality: Why was the desired quality not achieved in 100 percent of the parts?
      ⇒ Obsolete data, faulty NC programs, changes
      Use data from quality management.

    In die manufacturing in the BMW Group – which is traditional single-part manufacturing – intelligent parts as the basis for automated Industry 4.0 manufacturing are no longer a vision, they’re already a part of everyday life. This process is established using software components from Tebis and ProLeiS, and 10,000 small parts like trim steels and flanging plates are now produced every year in a highly automated manufacturing cell.

    Josef-Peter Gallenberger, former head of BMW Group Die Manufacturing in Munich and Dingolfing, Germany

    Virtual plant layout 

    Small dashboard, big effect

    We create a virtual model of your manufacturing building and warehouse in ProLeiS for an optimal overview and easy access to the desired information. 

    Consisting of:

    • departments, machines and storage locations
    • View assigned information by clicking on the object (example: Storage assignment, next scheduled activities, current machine activity)
    • View machine or plant webcams
    • Simple warehouse management for material or standard parts
    Virtual plant layout: Colored circles indicate current machine status. You can view more information on the same screen by clicking the items.

    Valuable key performance indicators from ProLeiS

    Order scope 

    Find out how many days your currently unprocessed order backlog will last. Although a large order scope provides security, it entails long wait times for customers. Any company dealing with fluctuating order scopes needs predictive and reliable capacity planning. Determine the order scope within processes and identify bottlenecks in operation at an early stage.

    Order types 

    It’s worth looking at order type distribution based on sales to better design workflows and the overall orientation of the company. A die manufacturer needs to meet different requirements depending on the order: Repairs require fast processing, while new dies require more efficient processing on machines with long utilization times, and maintenance should take as little time as possible. You may want to readjust this mix for your company. 

    Overall equipment effectiveness
    ( OEE)

    You can use the operating data from ProLeiS to generate the key performance indicator for value creation in your plant: overall equipment effectiveness. This is calculated individually for each company. ProLeiS provides you with all the important data on availability, machine performance and production quality.

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    Planungssicherheit und Transparenz mit ProLeiS

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    Fabian Schmittlein, Prozessplaner

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    Learn from mistakes – quality management

    Only companies that recognize and track errors and faults can permanently eliminate them. ProLeiS automates the registration of faults in the manufacturing process and helps you implement measures for improvement. This allows you to eliminate weak points and reduce your risk.

    Why precise manufacturing planning is worthwhile

    Companies that plan single part manufacturing based on a bill of materials ensure a high degree of accuracy. A detailed overview and clear workflows simplify manufacturing control. The results: fewer errors, faster processing and greater flexibility. ProLeiS MES provides greater transparency and optimized organization.

    Interfaces in ProLeiS

    ProLeiS MES integrates data from other software systems through powerful interfaces. The MES integrates your machines and ERP, PLM, CAD and CAM software. For example, Tebis users can manage manufacturing data in coupled operation without switching between applications. Data transfers via interfaces are current and reliable. 

    Do you have questions about ProLeiS MES?

    Contact us Our ProLeiS experts will be pleased to advise you.