Quality control

    Fast, simple and integrated in CAD/CAM

    Quality assurance is an important part of your manufacturing chain. The end-to-end Tebis solution lets you check any parts right after manufacturing. With standardized operation from CAD to CAM to CAQ in a single system, you can quickly and easily integrate quality control in your processes. Whether you want to measure your parts with NC control on milling and measuring machines or do it manually – Tebis provides you with all the necessary functions. Manufacture quality. Right from the start.

    Quickly and conveniently compare workpieces with the CAD geometry
    Quality assurance with the familiar Tebis operating structures
    Create measuring paths and check quality right in the Tebis data set
    Maximum reliability with collision checking of the measuring paths


    Manually guided measurement

    Quickly and easily ensure part quality with your manually guided measuring machines. Manually controlled measuring machines can also be directly integrated in Tebis. After calibrating the probe, the measurement results are shown right on the measured geometry on the Tebis display. This enables a specified/actual comparison between the planned geometry and the finished workpiece.

    CNC-controlled measuring machines

    Create collision-checked NC measuring paths for your measuring machines. The measuring probes and machines are simulated in libraries as digital twins enabling all movements to then be realistically checked and simulated. The measuring paths can be generated in advance – so you can account for all information in special quality requirements or special manufacturing difficulties. If you don’t directly couple the measuring machine to a Tebis workstation, you can also import a results file with the measurement results. These quality analyses on your finished parts let you optimally connect measuring operations to the manufacturing process.


    Benefit from the different methods for displaying and evaluating measurement results. The results are immediately and clearly displayed in the graphic for this purpose. We can also customize measurement logs for you. Of course, you can also save the results as structured files for further processing in other systems.

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    Automatically and manually optimize CAD surface quality

    CAD surface quality results from the algorithmic properties of the CAD systems used, from the design history and from conversion processes via interfaces. CAD data with qualitative deficiencies often has to be imported and further processed in order to manufacture molds and dies. Tebis helps optimize surface quality.

    3D milling

    Free-form machining lets you combine all your strategies for roughing, finishing and residual stock machining in the Tebis Job Manager. You can use convenient template technology and ensure collision avoidance already in the CAM environment.

    5-axis milling

    Tebis 5-axis milling lets you use the full potential of your expensive high-performance machines: Collision-free programs can be easily planned and calculated for all multi-axis machining operations. Simultaneous 5-axis strategies that are customized for specific manufacturing tasks make NC programming very simple – especially in combination with Tebis template technology. 

    In-process measurement

    Establish the necessary process reliability during unattended late shifts and night shifts with automatic checking and correction of part orientation and blank dimensions. This lets you make the best possible use of highly automated machine centers.