CAM Milling and Drilling Plus

    In practical examples supplementing the CAM Base training, participants will learn additional functions for form machining (3+2 axis milling, HSC milling), prismatic machining (2.5D milling) and for machining standard geometries (bores, circular, slot and rectangular pockets) in this training course. 
    As further training, we recommend "Feature Design and Rigid NCSet Methods", "Programming with virtual machine" and "5-Axis Simultaneous Milling".

    Target group

    Users who have participated in the "Tebis Base" and "CAM Base" training course.


    Extended function scope of 3+2-axis and 2-axis milling: 

    • Extended finishing strategies (HSC milling)

    • Automatic element selection (NC automation)

    • 2.5D planar and contour machining

    • Mill drilling

    • Thread milling

    • Spindles

    • Reverse machining

    • Circular and standard pocket machining

    • Deep-hole drilling basics


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