5-axis simultaneous milling – is it worth it?

    Unlike any other milling method, high-quality surfaces are created quickly and efficiently with 5-axis simultaneous machining on modern high-performance machines.

    However, many die, mold and machine manufacturers prefer to manufacture using fixed positionable axes. They tend to cast a more critical eye on multi-sided machining. Are these warranted concerns?

    In the following article, Tebis Product Manager Helmut Vergin discusses the pros and cons of five-axis simultaneous milling – based in part on a survey of companies in the die and mold manufacturing industry. 

    The article also includes a link to more information about Tebis and 5-axis milling. 

    Question: Do you also have machines for 5-axis simultaneous milling?

     Yes, and we fully utilize these machines

     Yes, but we can still clearly see potential for optimization

     No, it's not worth it for the components in our portfolio

     No, but we’re planning to purchase this type of milling machine


    Results of the survey on 5-axis simultaneous milling