Partners and joint ventures

    Tebis is closely networked with machine manufacturers, suppliers and software manufacturers. These partnerships broaden expertise, contribute to the quality of Tebis products and ensure innovative capabilities. The partners use Tebis Software to present their solutions in a way that is targeted to the individual branches. Many institutions use Tebis systems in education and research.

    Machine manufacturers

    Berthold Hermle AG

    The Berthold Hermle AG machine plant is one of the leading manufacturers of machining centers. These are used in the efficient machining of dies, molds and series parts in nearly all branches.



    CHETO is a Portuguese manufacturer of deep hole drilling and milling machines. Our machines represent an excellent investment for their multitasking and innovating features. We are a brand of excellence, internationally recognized in the mold industry.


    EiMa Maschinenbau GmbH

    EiMa Maschinenbau GmbH develops, manufactures and sells CNC milling and machining centers for 5-axis machining of a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, plastic, CFRP and wood, for example.

    ERMAFA Sondermaschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH
    The AUERBACH plant has been established as a machine center manufacturer for over 75 years, specializing in particular in the deep hole drilling and milling sector. The combined Duo-Tech machines enable deep-hole drilling and milling operations in a single setup and provide flexible manufacturing options with high precision, operating safety and productivity.
    FANUC Europe Corporation S.A.
    The FANUC Corporation is one of the worldwide leaders in factory automation for CNC control systems, robots and production machinery. Since 1956, FANUC is the pioneer in the development of numerically controlled machines in the automation industry. With more than 264 FANUC locations supporting 108 countries worldwide and more than 8,000 employees, FANUC offers a dense network.

    F. Zimmermann

    F. Zimmermann GmbH develops and manufactures gantry milling machines and horizontal machining centers that are used to machine parts in the automotive, aerospace and other industrial sectors, such as die manufacturing and shipbuilding.


    Fooke GmbH

    FOOKE is a manufacturer of large 5-axis gantry milling machines characterized by high structural stiffness, maximum dynamics and high precision.

    ENDURA machines: outstanding quality of motion control "Made in Germany."



    GEISS AG supplies thermoforming machines for innovative solutions in plastics and composite processing as well as ultra-modern, high-precision CNC finishing machines, including corresponding molds and tool holders.


    GROB-WERKE GmbH & Co. KG

    The GROB Group is an internationally operating family company. The GROB product portfolio ranges from the universal machining center all the way through to highly complex production systems with individual automation, and from manual assembly stations through to fully automated assembly lines.


    HG GRIMME SysTech GmbH

    HG GRIMME SysTech is a manufacturer of medium to large high-efficiency 5-axis machining centers for plastics, composite materials, aluminum and wood.


    Kolb Design Technology GmbH & Co. KG

    Kolb Design Technology GmbH & Co. KG provides machines, equipment and material for design studios to the automotive industry for the production of exterior and interior models. These include industrial plasticine (clay), Tools for manual modeling, lift tables and model manufacturing machines for milling computer-generated designs.


    Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

    Mitsubishi Electric has been developing EDM technology since 1953. Since then, its systems have been characterized by precision, reliability and low operating costs. Over 67,000 EDM systems sold internationally speak for themselves.


    Moldmak designs, manufactures and sells Multitasking CNC machines, including 3+2 and 5 axis machining centers and deep hole drilling machines. All these machines are developed to attend to the entire mold manufacturing process in an automated and controlled manner. Moldmak has 35 years of experience in the manufacture and processes optimization for molds production.

    Okuma Europe GmbH
    Okuma Europe GmbH is the European sales and service subsidiary of the Okuma Corporation, one of the world's leading companies for CNC-controlled machine tools. The Japanese company is the only full-service provider in the industry that manufactures its own machines, including components and CNC controls. With an industry-wide distribution network, Okuma ensures quality, productivity and efficiency....
    Prima Power
    Prima Power is a leader in laser and sheet metal fabrication machines. Their product range is one of the widest in the industry: 2D and 3D laser machines, punching and combined punch/laser and punch/shear machines, press brakes, panel benders, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, and automation.

    Röders GmbH

    Röders GmbH is one of the pioneers of high-speed milling. With an exceptional degree of development expertise in design and open and closed-loop feedback control, its machines are optimized to provide maximum performance in machining precision, surface quality and dynamics.

    Schreurs-tools GmbH

    For over 35 years, schreurs has provided high-performance solid carbide tools coupled with excellent supply availability and a high level of expertise. Our goal is to help customers quickly achieve their objectives: With high-precision tools, short response time and on-site technical support. We also provide high-quality, efficient special solutions with individual forms, dimensions and geometries.


    Starrag Technology GmbH

    The Starrag Group is a leading global manufacturer of precision machine tools and provides high-quality and sophisticated products representing a wide variety of machining methods for metals, composites and ceramics.

    Wenzel DesignTec GmbH
    Wenzel DesignTec develops innovative milling machines and intuitive software for machining design models in clay (industrial plasticine) and hard foams. The RA Mill, DT Robot and DT Mill milling solutions are used in design studios in the automotive industry.

    Suppliers and software

    AURA® Frästechnik GmbH

    Aura Frästechnik GmbH, with headquarters in Breidenbach in Hessen, Germany, provides a wide range of innovative milling tools. The Aura application team is known far beyond the borders of Germany for its modern and professional consulting in milling strategies.


    DCAM GmbH

    DCAM GmbH has been a leading developer and manufacturer of programming systems for wire EDM for 25 years. DCAMCUT delivers the most precise results and is used worldwide in machine and plant construction, tool and mold manufacturing, prototype construction, medical technology and in the aerospace industry.



    GOM is a global company that develops and produces industrial instrumentation for 3D coordinate measurement and deformation analysis. The systems increase product quality and accelerate product development and manufacturing.


    Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH

    Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GmbH has over 25 years of experience in developing and manufacturing machining tools. In 2016, the company was nominated for the BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award and was received recognition in the production area.


    Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH

    Ingersoll Werkzeuge GmbH is specialized in the production of cutting tools with an excellent vibration-free performance in both in standard and special-purpose design. Our customers trust our technical qualifications and benefit from the dependability and process reliability of our tools.


    Renishaw Plc.

    Renishaw is one of the world's leading companies with almost 50 years’ experience in industrial metrology and scientific technologies, and more recently a technology leader in metal additive manufacturing (3D printing).

    MMC Hitachi Tool Engineering

    MMC Hitachi Tool is one of the leading die manufacturers in Japan. It has a unique product portfolio for die and mold manufacturing, which offers the appropriate solution for roughing as well as for ultra finishing.


    POKOLM Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG

    Pokolm Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Westphalia, Germany, develops and manufactures innovative, high-quality die systems and provides highly expert consulting in the machining of complex 2.5 and 3D geometries.

    Schreurs-tools GmbH

    For over 35 years, schreurs has provided high-performance solid carbide tools coupled with excellent supply availability and a high level of expertise. Our goal is to help customers quickly achieve their objectives: With high-precision tools, short response time and on-site technical support. We also provide high-quality, efficient special solutions with individual forms, dimensions and geometries.


    SpaceControl GmbH

    3D Mouse SpaceController blackline with cap or ball - make your product real with PowerWheel.

    ZCC Cutting Tools Europe GmbH
    Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide Cutting Tools Co., Ltd. is the largest Chinese manufacturer of carbide tools. The product spectrum includes carbide indexable inserts, indexable inserts made from cermet, CBN, PKD and ceramic, solid carbide tools and turning tool holders, milling inserts and suitable tool systems.

    Educational & research institutions

    Bad Wildungen College of Wood Technology

    The Federal Technical College of Model and Mold Manufacturing in Bad Wildungen, Germany, is the site of inter-company training courses and master's preparation courses for model makers from manual processing and industry. It recently also started offering a course of study for individuals to become state-certified technicians in model and mold manufacturing.


    WBA Aachener Werkzeugbau Akademie GmbH

    The WBA Tool Making Academy Aachen GmbH is the leading partner of the tool and die industry in the business areas of consulting, further education and research with its own demonstration tool shop. The WBA builds a connection between science and industry.


    Gewerbliche Schule Ravensburg

    Education and training in metals technology are conducted jointly with the cooperative partners. The completion of ongoing professional education results in certification as a state-approved technician. Certified by the VDW foundation for the education of junior professionals since July 2015.


    TU München - Chair of Metal Forming and Casting

    The department’s areas of activity include the two main manufacturing fields of metal forming and casting.


    Deggendorf Institute of Technology (THD)

    6,000 students are enrolled in six faculties of the THD and a separate continuing education center. More than ten percent of these come from outside Germany. Areas of specialization are technology, business and health. This is supplemented by the Rottal-Inn European Campus in Pfarrkirchen, Germany, and eight technology and health centers where applied research is conducted.


    Wildau Institute of Technology (FH)

    Business Engineering students at the Wildau Institute of Technology can earn their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in engineering with a focus on the digital product development process. They use Tebis Software in this course of study.


    Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

    More than 1,300 budding engineers in the EMW department at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences study subjects that include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. CAD/CAM technology comprises an important part of the course of study and the application-oriented research.


    DHBW - Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg

    Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) is the only cooperative state university in Germany. It was founded in 2009 and continues the cooperative model of the former Baden-Wuerttemberg University of Cooperative Education (BA BW), which was successful for over 40 years.


    Fachhochschule Aalen

    For years, Aalen University of Applied Sciences has been one of the most research-intensive universities of applied sciences in Germany.


    Staatl. Berufsschule Wasserburg am Inn

    During training for the profession of "Technical model-making - emphasis on bodywork and production," we work with Tebis to design auto body parts, molds and RP parts and to generate milling programs for our Alzmetall GS-650/5 and .stl data for our three RP systems.


    Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik

    The Max-Planck Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) in Garching and Greifswald is concerned with investigating the physical principles underlying a power plant that – like the Sun – will produce energy from the fusion of light atomic nuclei.