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    Competence, experience, practical applications

    Ourprocess specialistshave in-depth practical experience in the manufacturing industry, a holistic approach to problem-solving and excellent communication and documentation skills. They’re available to you asexpert and reliable contactsthroughout the entire project, from start to finish.

    Jens has been with Tebis AG since 2000 and heads the Tebis Consulting department. He’s also head of the Göppingen office.

    His many years of practical experience have given him in-depth process expertise with all types of manufacturing companies. He offers in-depth business expertise and knowledge of drilling and milling tools and with a variety of machines and machine controllers.

    His special expertise is in designing industrial single-part manufacturing and in the strategic alignment of model, mold and die manufacturing companies. His skill-set also includes process and investment consulting as well as manufacturing data management and the planning process.

    Selected projects
    • C. Josef Lamy GmbH: Creating a concept for strategic orientation in injection mold manufacturing.
    • J. Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik/Ingolstadt milling center: Optimized technical processes for increased efficiency
    Education and professional background
    • Trained as an industrial mechanic
    • Technical studies in mechanical engineering
    • Development engineer in injection molding
    • Application engineer and consultant for a CAD/CAM system supplier
    • CAD/CAM trainer and consultant
    • Ongoing commercial training
    • Strategic management and change processes
    Julian has worked in the Tebis Consulting department since 2009.

    Julian has extensive business experience and in-depth process expertise in die and mold manufacturing. He offers special expertise in designing industrial single-part manufacturing, in strategic orientation and in process and investment consulting.

    He’s gained in-depth process expertise through his many years in die manufacturing.

    Selected projects
    • FRIMO Sontra GmbH:  Process and investment consulting
    • C. Josef Lamy GmbH: Analyzed the strategic orientation for a die manufacturer
    • Meco GmbH: Various process consulting activities
    • RSB GmbH & Co. KG: Process consulting and project management in the change process
    Education and professional background
    • Masters degree in strategic management
    • Management assistant at a well-known mold manufacturer: responsible for the value creation chain
    • CAD/CAM trainer and consultant
    • Various internships in die and mold manufacturing
    Markus has provided expertise to the Consulting department since 2013.

    Markus has years of experience as the head of manufacturing and deputy managing director of a mid-size mold manufacturer.

    He has in-depth process expertise with companies in the mechanical manufacturing and automation sector. He offers comprehensive practical knowledge in programming, milling, wire EDM and eroding and on various machines and machine controllers.

    Selected projects
    • Modellbau Schwinn GmbH: Process consulting, including realizing potential opportunities
    • Modellbau am surf GmbH: Process consulting, including realizing potential opportunities
    • Polar Form GmbH: Process consulting and analysis of the mold manufacturer's orientation to the future.
    • Dräxlmaier Vilsbiburg: Developed and introduced twin tools
    Education and professional background
    • Trained as a toolmaker
    • Advanced course of studies with certification as a mechanical engineering technician
    • REFA training (process data management and process design)
    • 17 years of experience in die and mold manufacturing and in CAD/CAM
    Burak Beklenoglu has worked in the Tebis Consulting department since 2014.

    He is a PMP-certified project manager with more than 15 years of experience in market analysis, business development, consulting for market positioning, market penetration, and implementing software products.

    Burak has special expertise in the areas of product data management and manufacturing planning and control.

    Education and professional background
    • Studies in music information technology (Master of Science)
    • Postgraduate certificate in economics
    • Studies in production engineering and economics (Bachelor of Engineering)
    • Extensive experience in various areas including IT/software and IT/security and the iron, steel and plastics industries
    Tomek Kawala has worked in the Tebis Consulting department since 2017.

    Many years of experience have provided him with in-depth knowledge of the processes and project management involved in die and mold manufacturing.

    His main areas of expertise include analyzing work processes and identifying process and productivity gaps, consulting on increasing efficiency, and project management for the implementation of established potential.

    Thanks to his business experience and knowledge of efficient processes in die and mold manufacturing, Tomek brings special expertise to designing industrial single-part manufacturing and strategic orientation and in the area of process consulting.

    Education and professional background
    • Training as an engineering draftsman
    • Course of study in mechanical engineering, with emphasis on design engineering
    • Over 13 years of experience in die and mold manufacturing, including six years as a project manager and overall project coordinator
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