Tebis UK Ltd Became a Member of Composites UK

    Tebis, The CAD/CAM Experts Have Joined Composites UK and are Now Members for the Year 2018-2019.

    Paul Scally, Operation Manager at Tebis UK said: “Being a member of the Composites UK association gives us the perfect platform to promote our world leading special software solution of 5-axis trimming which is ideal in the thermoforming market for trimming vac-formed components”.

    Tebis has capabilities for composites materials throughout the entire CAD/CAM/NC process chain. It allows users to be able to retain control using Virtual Machine Technology to support machine setup and planning, collision-free CNC toolpath calculation, simulation and verification. This is especially beneficial in 3- 5-axis trimming manufacturing process of the composite materials.

    Tebis’ Virtual Machine technology ensures the highest safety level of CNC machining, including 5 axis trimming. The Tebis software avoids many collisions with automatic interpolation. The collision analysis is always updated on all interactive changes in the toolpaths. This applies to both vacuum-formed parts made out of thermoplastic materials and to parts made out of composite materials (e.g. carbon) as well as to parts clad with wood and with other natural materials. It can also automatically calculate results for 5-axis trimming that you can adjust at any time and maintain an overview of the rotation angles and area.

    If you are looking for the best 3-5- axis trimming – Tebis will make your job to be simpler and quicker. It is the type of software which you can rely on because Tebis is known for the best dimensional accuracy, surface quality and safety.

    You can also contact the Tebis Team on 024 7623 6412 or at info-uk@tebis.com.